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Correct car tyre pressure: are you taking the smart approach?

The car tyres of six in ten Dutch drivers are not at the right pressure. Ensuring your car has the correct tyre pressure makes driving safer, more fuel-efficient, and quieter. That is why Maastricht Bereikbaar set out to make sure that hundreds of commuters had the correct car tyre pressure in recent months. On 20 September, a smart tyre pump was installed at P+R Maastricht Noord.

Smart and simple

Inflating car tyres is not as easy or self-evident as it looks. Some people do not do correctly or regularly enough. Many people forget to check and correct their tyre pressure or entrust the task to a garage. People are advised to check their tyres once every two months. The smart tyre pumps can help you do just that. When you enter your vehicle registration number and the tyre size, the pump will determine the right pressure for your tyres. The pump also takes the outdoor temperature as well as the effects of temperature on the tyre into account. In a few simple steps, you can drive away with your tyres set to the right tyre pressure, saving you fuel and therefore money, and reducing your CO2 emissions. The pump will warn you if it detects that you may have a punctured tyre.

Great service

At the end of 2018, Maastricht Bereikbaar and the Stichting Band op Spanning foundation started organizing a number of campaigns during which motorists could have their tyres checked and set to the right pressure. Several employers offered their employees and visitors the opportunity to make use of the service. A number of campaigns were also hosted at P+R Maastricht Noord. The permanent tyre pump is free to use and immediately shows you what your fuel savings will be. ‘This tyre pump ensures that every visitor or commuter who parks on the outskirts of the city or passes through that area can ensure that their car tyres are set to the right pressure. Thanks to this collaboration with the municipality of Maastricht and Maastricht Bereikbaar, there is being taken one step further towards sustainable mobility and energy savings.