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Construction works Ambyerstraat-Noord from 13 October

There will be construction works in various places along the roads in Amby from mid-October until spring 2015. Ambyerstraat-Noord will be closed to through traffic.

Diversions and traffic measures

There will be no through traffic along Ambyerstraat-Noord during the construction works and there are diversions via Westrand, Gravenstraat and Schovenlaan. The Veolia buses will be diverted via Van Goghstraat, Cramer van Brienenstraat and Severenplein.

There will be no parking along the northern side of Van Goghstraat and the western side Cramer van Brienenstraat during this time.

The construction works in Amby will overlap with the works currently along the Terblijterweg. You can find out more information regarding the Terblijterweg below.

Shops stay accessible to foot traffic

The shops in Amby will continute to be accessible to pedestrians. The council are doing their best to ensure minimum disruption and timely distribution of information. The parking spaces along Ambyerstraat-Noord will be out of use during this construction period. Therefore we have constructed a temporary parking area in the Severenplein between Cramer van Brienenstraat and Van Slijpestraat.


The construction works in Amby will continue until the start of 2015. Further planning is dependent upon weather conditions.

Travel smart - take the bike or go by public transport

Maastricht Bereikbaar is organising a special offer this autumn. Those who work in Maastricht, travel smart, and encourage five (max) fellow employees to join in and make the change to sustainable ways of travelling (e-bike, bus, train) will be rewarded. The reward will be €4- per colleague per day travelled smart. This offer runs from 27 October utnil 28 November 2014. Those who take part are also eligible to try out a bicycle or e-bike for free or receive four weeks free train travel. In this way you can do your part to keep Amby accessible.

Click here for more information and terms and conditions (only in available in Dutch).