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Closure of part of Cabergerweg from 4 September to 1 November

Noorderbrug is now in its new position, but the work on the project will be ongoing until the end of 2018. Road users in Maastricht-West will need to be aware of the closures and diversions. From 4 September to 1 November 2017, part of the Cabergerweg will be closed for all traffic.

For two months, Cabergerweg will be closed for all traffic in both directions between Peter Huyssenslaan and Fort Willemweg. Please follow the yellow signs!

Diversions for road traffic

  • Diversion route for through traffic: via Fort Willemweg, Brusselseweg, Peter Huyssenlaan, and vice versa.
  • You should factor in roughly five minutes of extra travel time.
  • However, you will still be able to access companies at Het Rondeel and the petrol station on Carl Smulderssingel.
  • You can access the children's play area at Fort Willem (Speeltuin Fort Willem) and the car park from Carl Smulderssingel. Traffic will be able to turn left at the old Fort Willemweg/Cabergerweg junction.

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Diversions for moped users, cyclists, and pedestrians

  • Diversion route for slow-moving traffic: Fort Willemweg, Henri Jonaslaan, Zoetmanstraat, Theo van der Schuerlaan, and vice versa.
  • Fort Willemweg, running parallel to Radium Foam, will be closed for moped users and cyclists travelling from and to Belvédèrelaan and Boschpoort. There will be a diversion via Lage Frontweg to the new Fort Willemweg/Cabergerweg junction.
  • Please note: the cycle paths and footpaths around Cabergerweg will be closed regularly from Monday to 28 August to mid September 2017 as a result of cable and pipe installation work. Remember to look at the road signs!

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More information

For more information on the works and project schedule, please visit Noorderbrug Maastricht's website. Our Smart Map provides an overview of the closures and diversions