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Closure of Meerssenerweg-Viaductweg for one weekend

From 17 until 20 October 2014 there will be construction works at the Meerssenerweg – Viaductweg intersection. From 19:00 Friday night until 07:00 Monday morning Meerssenerweg will be temporarily closed between Kolonel Millerstraat and Kasteel Bleienbeekstraat. Also at Viaductweg traffic will not be able to turn left into Meerssenerweg.

During the daytime (between 07:00 and 19:00) Viaductweg will be open to limited traffic. Traffic can reach Viaductweg from the Geusselt intersection and the Willem Alexanderweg intersection. During evening and early hours (between 19:00 and 07:00) Viaductweg will be closed between the A2/N2 and the Noorderbrug. Drivers will be redirected and should be prepared for longer journey times.

Moped riders, cyclists and pedestrians can use the existing routes during this period. 

For more information please see the overview of construction works on the Maastricht Bereikbaar website.