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Celebratory opening of Noorderbrug main cycling route

On Wednesday 18 July, the celebratory opening of the main cycling route on Noorderbrug bridge was attended by Gert-Jan Krabbendam, Chairman of the Mobility Executive Committee of the Municipality of Maastricht. Together with builders, local residents, and other people involved, he cycled from west to east along the new cycling path. And, of course, Maastricht Bereikbaar joined in. We're happy that you're cycling!

Cyclists, moped users, and pedestrians can now continue between Cabergerweg/Lage Frontweg (Maastricht-West) and Viaductweg (Maastricht-Oost). But beware: not all bicycle connections at Noorderbrug have been completed yet. The cycle paths between Noorderbrug and Boschstraat/Bosscherweg will be ready at the start of 2019. Until then, cyclists and moped users will still have to take a detour between the city centre/Boschpoort and Maastricht-Oost.  

As of this week, the ‘brugje om’ (‘take the next bridge’) diversions will be taken down. We announced earlier that we would be raffling them. At the end of July we will announce who the lucky winners are and notify them personally.