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Awards fit for kings and queens presented for KING of the ROAD contest on 27 April!

In the past few weeks, approximately 50 enthusiastic ambassadors of smart travelling let us know why they feel like KINGS and QUEENS of the ROAD when travelling on foot, by bus, or by train. The moment arrived on King's Day, 27 April when five prize cheques fit for royalty were awarded to participants after the prize draw. The cheques were given to the winners on Vrijthof square by John Aarts, the chair of the Municipality of Maastricht’s executive committee on mobility, and Katya Ivanova, programme manager at Maastricht Bereikbaar.


Mariëlle Wijsen won the grand prize: a ‘regal’ dinner for two (worth €250) at Restaurant Château Neercanne. The remaining four prizes were €50 vouchers for the following Maastricht-based purveyors to the Dutch Royal Household: Blanche Dael, Thiessen Wijnkoopers, Frissen Pieters, and Slagerij Willems. These vouchers were awarded to the following participants: Lara Klaassen, Gerhard Goedhart, Francien Schijlen, and Paul Scherders. If you are interested in their stories, have a look at the following web page:

Thank you for participating!

We would like to thank everyone for all their fantastic stories, photographs, and videos. If you are also an ambassador for smart travel and want to tell your story, then send an e-mail to