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Arriva bicycle-sharing scheme officially in use

Monday 3 April 2017 marked the official launch of Nextbike, the bicycle-sharing scheme introduced by Arriva in Maastricht. As of now, everyone can use the bicycles, which are available at seven locations throughout the city. The goal is to make 250 bicycles available at 25 locations throughout Maastricht over the next two years.

Thirty international students in Maastricht were the first to try out the new bicycle-sharing scheme. The official opening was held at Mosae Forum in Maastricht, which was attended by Hubert Mackus, member of the Limburg Provincial Executive; John Aarts, chair of municipal executive committee of Maastricht and chair of the Maastricht Bereikbaar steering group; and Patrice van Bergen, regional director of Arriva Limburg.

How does it work? 

Arriva Nextbike has a network of stations throughout Maastricht that offer shared bicycles for short trips and commutes. The bicycle-sharing scheme is available to everyone and both reinforces and complements Maastricht's public transport system. Arriva entered into a partnership with Nextbike, a leading bicycle-sharing system that makes 40,000 bicycles available in 24 countries. 


The pilot started with 80 bicycles at seven locations throughout Maastricht: three railway stations (the central railway station, Randwyck railway station, and Maastricht Noord railway station) and four city centre locations (Mosae Forum, Keizer Karelplein/Vrijthof squares, Boschstraat/Markt, and Céramique). The goal is to expand Maastricht's bicycle-sharing scheme during the two-year pilot period to include at least 250 bicycles at 25 different locations.

Method and prices

The shared bicycles can easily be hired via the mobile Nextbike app, which can be downloaded for free. You can opt for a subscription, which costs €60 per year and gives you unlimited access to the shared bicycles for up to thirty minutes per ride. A fee of €1 per thirty additional minutes applies to longer rides. It's also possible to use the Arriva Nextbike scheme without a subscription. In this case, the costs are €1.50 per thirty minutes, which can be paid via a credit card linked to the app. For more information, visit