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Accessibility during Procession of Holy Relics

The Procession of Holy Relics will take place in Maastricht from 24 May to 3 June inclusive. This is an event that takes place every seven years, bringing together culture and religion. Thousands of pilgrims and other visitors are expected to come to Maastricht for the pilgrimages, celebrations, relic displays, and the two religious processions through the city. We will provide you with information on accessibility during the event.

The Heiligdomsvaart (reliquary procession) consists of pilgrimages, celebrations, relic displays, and two religious processions through the city. Other cultural activities will also be organized, such as theatre, music, dance, and performances. Visit www.heiligdomsvaartmaastricht.nlfor more information.

Religious processions

The religious processions will be held from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Sunday 27 May and Sunday 3 June. The streets that are part of the route will be closed to all traffic.

  • Route on Sunday 27 May: Stationsstraat, Wycker Brugstraat, Wycker Grachtstraat, Hoogbrugstraat, Rechtstraat, Wycker Brugstraat, Sint Servaasbrug (St Servatius bridge), Kesselskade, Hoenderstraat, Market Square (south side, in front of city hall), Grote Gracht, Helmstraat, Vrijthof (square entrance opposite the theatre), Vrijthof, Vagevuur, and Henric van Veldekeplein.
  • Route on Sunday 3 June: Hubertuslaan, Nieuwenhofstraat, Zwingelput, Grote Looiersstraat, Kleine Looiersstraat, Sint Pieterstraat (stand), Maastrichter Heidenstraat, Cortenstraat, O.L. Vrouweplein, Het Bat, Kesselskade, Hoenderstraat, Market Square (south side, in front of city hall), Grote Gracht, Helmstraat, Vrijthof (square entrance opposite the theatre), Vrijthof, Vagevuur, and Henric van Veldekeplein. 

Different shop opening hours 

Different opening hours apply in Maastricht on the Heiligdomsvaart weekends. The opening hours are: 

  • Sunday 13 May from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM/6:00 PM (annual St Servatius procession)
  • Friday 25 May and Saturday 26 May: from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Sunday 27 May from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  • Friday 1 June and Saturday 2 June from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (regular opening hours)
  • Sunday 3 June from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

How do I get to Maastricht?

  • Coinciding roadworks and events in May and June mean you should pay extra attention to the roads in and around Maastricht. 
    • From 9:00 AM on 28 May till 8:00 PM on 8 June the Nieuwe Limmelderweg, the connecting road between the A2/A79 at Kruisdonk junction and Maastricht Noord, will be closed will be entirely closed between the A2 and A79. More information:
  • Where possible, please travel by bicycle or public transport or park on the outskirts of the city. Please note: P+R Maastricht Noord will be less accessible on the second weekend of the reliquary procession. Continue reading for more details. 
  • If you still plan on coming by car, please be aware of closures, diversions, and new traffic situations. Leave on time, switch off your satellite navigation, and pay close attention to the road signs.
  • Before setting off, consult our Smart Mapfor up-to-date information on the traffic situation, congestion, and available spaces in the car park. 

Parking facilities

The Smart Map contains up-to-date traffic information, including car-park availability and pricing. Parking on the outskirts of the city tends to be cheaper than parking in the centre, and parking in Maastricht-Oost is cheaper than parking in Maastricht-West.

Accessibility of P+R Maastricht Noord

Please note: on the second weekend of the reliquary procession (Friday 1 June to Sunday 3 June), P+R Noord will be less accessible from the motorway near Kruisdonk junction due to the closure of Nieuwe Limmelderweg.

  • P+R Noord will be accessible from the A2 via Nieuwe Limmelderweg (regular route). To return to the A2 in the direction of Eindhoven, you must follow the diversion over Fregatweg and the access road towards Meerssen. Please be mindful of longer travel times and delays.
  • P+R Noord will not be accessible from the A79 via Nieuwe Limmelderweg.
  • Travel advice: consider parking at P+R Maastricht Zuid, at the MECC, or at one of the other car parks in the city.


You can park your bicycle at the sheltered and guarded Kesselskade bicycle-parking facilitythe Markt bicycle park, or the underground bicycle-parking facility at the railway station. Standard opening hours apply at the Markt and station facilities. The Kesselskade bicycle parking facility is open on Sunday 27 May and Sunday 3 June from 6:00 PM to midnight. From Sunday 27 May until Sunday 3 June there will be an extra bicycle rack in front of Mosae Forum. You will find a list of the other facilities on Maastricht Bereikbaar's website:

Public transport

Maastricht has three railway stations: Maastricht, Maastricht Noord, and Maastricht Randwyck. The train is a great way to travel to the city from the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. You can also take the bus to and from Maastricht within the Euregion.