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A special thanks to the employees of our associated partners!

Each year, we hold a survey on sustainable mobility among the employees of the approximately 30 employers who are associated with us. With this effect measurement, we evaluate the campaigns, products, and services that we organized with or for the employers in 2018. The employees were asked questions such as: Have you travelled smarter? Are you contributing to a better environment and improved personal vitality?

We would like to thank all employees for their participation, because we can only map our results while improving our products and services with your contributions. To emphasize our appreciation,all participants had the opportunity to win a number of great prizes, including the main prize: an e-bike worth €2,500. Together with the research agency, we randomly selected the prize winnersthis month.All prize winners were personally notified of their prizes. 

Pleasantly surprised

The municipality of Maastricht's own Frauke Theeuwen was also pleasantly surprised when she read Maastricht Bereikbaar's e-mail announcing she had won the e-bike. ‘Maastricht Bereikbaar's “Ontdek de e-bike’ (Discover the e-bike)” campaign had already inspired me to purchase an e-bike last spring, so I would like to give the e-bike prize to my partner for his birthday this month.’ 

Cycling together on weekends

‘I use my e-bike to cycle from my house in Einighausen to my work in Maastricht. My partner cannot do that because of their job as a service mechanic but does like to go cycling at the weekend to get away from it all. He will now be trading in his mountain bike for a sporty e-bike, which means that we can cycle together on free weekends. Before, he was far too quick for me. So, thanks again to Maastricht Bereikbaar for this wonderful prize!