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1 May 2019

New ticket machines for parking in Maastricht city centre

The new ticket machines operate on a licence plate recognition (LPR) parking system. Below we explain how the new machines work and when and why they are being replaced.

Parking based on vehicle number plates

The new ticket machines operate on a licence plate recognition (LPR) parking system. Follow the instructions on the display of the ticket machine and enter your car's number plate. You no longer receive a ticket to place in your windscreen. You can pay with coins, your debit card, or with a parking app on your mobile phone (you'll need an internet connection to complete the payment). You can still print a receipt for your own records via the display on the ticket machine. Foreign number plates can also be entered and registered. You can also change the language on the screen to Dutch, English, French, or German. 

Replacement in phases

The 400 ticket machines will be replaced in phases, starting from the city centre to the outskirts of the city. After ten years of service, the current ticket machines are due to be replaced.

Energy-efficient ticket machines

All new ticket machines are fitted with a solar panel and will operate as much as possible on their own electricity generated with the solar panel.  

Disabled parking

Anyone with a disabled parking permit can park for free for the first three hours by placing the blue disc in the windscreen of the car. Visit the Municipality of Maastricht's website for more information about parking with a disabled parking permit.

Monitoring by enforcement teams

The municipality temporarily stores your licence plate in a national database. Employees of the Municipal Enforcement Team scan the licence plate to see if you have paid for parking. The scanner retrieves the data from the national database.

Your data is only used if you do not pay for parking and receive a parking fine.

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