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11 March 2019

Name change of Cabergerweg car park to Frontenpark

In the past year, the final major works for the Noorderbrug infrastructure project were completed. This has renewed the infrastructure in and around Maastricht-West and changed the routes to and from this side of Maastricht.

As a result of all the changes to the road network in the area around Noorderbrug bridge, the entrance to the Cabergerweg car park has been moved onto Frontensingel. As the name P Cabergerweg no longer matches the current situation, the car park will be renamed 'P Frontenpark' on 15 March. Both the Frontenpark car park and the Sphinx car park are now only accessible via the entrances and exits at Frontensingel. View the aerial photo complete with routes

In recent years, the Municipality of Maastricht changed the signposting to this redeveloped area near Noorderbrug bridge, which is now called the 'Sphinxkwartier' district. 

Area in development

Over the coming period, construction work will be underway to develop residential and working areas in the Sphinxkwartier. On March 7, the furniture and lifestyle shop Loods 5 opened its doors in Sphinx's former factory buildings. If you would like to visit Loods 5, please follow our travel tips:

  • A visit to the Sphinxkwartier district, and therefore Loods 5, is easy to combine with a visit to the city centre of Maastricht. You can park at the edge of the city, at P+R Maastricht Noord, and travel cheaply to and from the city centre for €2 per person. (group rate 3-5 persons €5) with bus number 10. Get off at the front door of the Loods 5 shop at the Boschstraat/Maagdendries bus stop. To travel back to P+R Maastricht Noord, get on the bus at the Boschstraat/Markt bus stop. 
  • The area is also easily accessible by bicycle. There are plenty of bicycle-parking facilities to park your bike and a Nextbike station to park your Nextbike on Boschstraat. 
  • If you are coming by public transport, you can board one of several bus numbers that are run by Arriva and get on at the Boschstraat/Maagdendries stop or take either an Arriva Nextbike or OV-fiets shared bicycle from the train station. 
  • If you are travelling by car, you can park at either Sphinx or Frontenpark car park, which is located near Loods 5. To see the parking rates, please have a look at our website
  • For the current opening hours of Loods 5, please refer to the store's website

Stay up to date

If you would like to stay informed about developments in the Sphinxkwartier district, then follow the Facebook page 'Sphinxkwartier Maastricht' or visit the website www.sphinxkwartier.nl

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