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9 April 2019

Municipality moves the bus stop for international buses

As of 1 May, the international buses will no longer stop at the Kiss+Ride location at Meerssenerweg. The Municipality of Maastricht has assigned temporary locations next to the Groene Loper and Maasboulevard until the new bus stop is taken into use, which is expected to be in December 2019.

Temporary bus stop at the Groene Loper

Between 1 May and December 2019, travellers who get on the international buses provided by IC, Eurolines, and KLM must board the buses at the Groene Loper, at the Green043 Bikepark. On the west side of the Groene Loper, 21 parking spaces for cars will be repurposed so that four buses can be parked there. Extra bins will also be installed in the area in addition to the construction of a bus shelter. This temporary location will be restored to its original function as soon as the new bus stop is completed.  

Bus stop for Flixbus temporarily moved to Maasboulevard

As of 1 May, the Flixbus buses will stop at the east side of Maasboulevard, at the junction on Graanmarkt (on the side of the Meuse in the direction of the city centre). This location has sufficient space for two buses to park at the same time. The Municipality of Maastricht will construct a bus shelter and install extra bins in the area for the travellers. 

New bus stop for international buses

During the summer, the Municipality of Maastricht will start construction work on the new bus stop for international buses at Meerssenerweg, where the former ProRail shunting yard is located. This location provides enough space for the construction of a new bus stop. We expect the new bus stop to be ready for use in December. The final scheduling of this will be determined by the tendering process and permit application procedure. 

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