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28 July 2020

Looking to go exploring in South Limburg?

Take a moment to think about how well we know our surroundings. There's plenty to discover and experience this summer. Visit Zuid-Limburg and Visit Maastricht offered us ten tips of things you simply shouldn't miss! South Limburg offers a wealth of things to see including street art, weekly markets and much more!

#1: Museums aren't the only place where people can see art. There's plenty of creativity to be spotted in the open air. Walk through Heerlen, the capital of murals, to enjoy a wealth of street art. Valkenburg and Maastricht also offer plenty in this regard. 

#2: Go back in time and visit the characteristic marl landscape of South Limburg in Valkenburg, Voerendaal, and the Bemelerberg. These are some of the few places in the world where you can literally see the Cretaceous period. 

#3: Walk through the mysterious forests of South Limburg in locations such as Bunde. 

#4: Discover the Tuscany of South Limburg (the Bemelerberg) and marvel at the beautiful panoramic views. 

#5: If you love cooking, then visit one of the weekly markets to source fresh vegetables and ingredients for your own home-made meal.

#6: If you are an active person and love to cycle, then these top 10 routes will definitely challenge both cyclists and e-bike users. However, all that effort will be rewarded with the most beautiful views.

#7: Thinking of some exploration across the border? Walk along the Meuse through the nature reserves of the Rivierpark Maasvallei (Meuse valley river park) and cross into Belgium.

#8: If you are enjoying the Limburg Hill Country, then park on the outskirts of the nature reserve at a natuurtransferium in South Limburg. This will ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy the landscape.
Maastricht is the perfect place to feel as if you have stepped into a different world. The Frontenpark city park is a rugged nature reserve in the centre of Maastricht and the perfect place for a quiet walk away from the hustle and bustle. You could say it's the wild back garden of the Sphinxkwartier neighbourhood. The Maastricht Visitor Center also sells a walking route for in the Frontenpark city parkConsider walking through Stadspark city park and be amazed at how much it feels like exploring Paris thanks to the city walls and the greenery you will pass.

#9: In Maastricht, you can book a number of guided tours, tasting activities, and workshops at a number of groups.. These activities are both safe and away from crowds. The activities include but are not limited to beer tastings, city tours, tours of caves, and vlaai (traditional Limburg sweet tart) baking workshops.

#10: Enjoy a snack and a drink while listening to live music. You can do this Wednesdays through Sundays in Jekerkwartier thanks to the Borrel Noten initiative, which aims to seat people at respective private tables so that they can enjoy a snack and a drink while listening to a range of genres of live music. Perfect for that holiday feeling.

For more tips on visiting paradise in Limburg, go to the Visit Zuid-Limburg and Visit Maastricht website.

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