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28 July 2020

Looking to enjoy the Limburg Hill Country? Then park at a natuurtransferium!

On certain days, the characteristic village streets and country roads that the Limburg Hill Country has to offer. This became extra apparent during the coronavirus crisis. To better spread out the crowds of people, car drivers and motorcyclists can make use of the natuurtransferium locations.

A natuurtransferium is a parking facility for a large number of cars and motorcycles on the outskirts of nature reserves, such as the Limburg Hill Country and the border territories in the Meuse valley. By restricting the flow of motorized traffic, everyone can continue to enjoy nature. So make sure you park at the edge of the nature reserve and continue your journey on foot or by bicycle. We asked Visit Zuid-Limburg for tips.

South Limburg's natuurtransferium and its facilities

A number of natuurtransferia have extra facilities, including hotels, restaurants, cafés, and bicycle rental businesses. Visit Zuid-Limburg has created an overview of them. Visit www.visitzuidlimburg.nl to see which routes you can follow from which natuurtransferium and what you can do while you go on your way. Visit the most beautiful spots in South Limburg as you explore by bicycle or on foot.

  • Simpelveld: Kruinweg 5 - ‘Poort Mergelland’ (natrans.nl)
    • Free parking
    • Starting point for walking and cycling routes
    • Starting point for geocaching GPS hiking tours
    • Visitor Center (VVV) folder point and sells walking and cycling maps
    • Bicycle rental (both manual and electric)
    • Battery service for e-bikes
    • Support centre for a number of nature organisations
    • Wellness/educational/nature packages
  • Gulpen: Oude Rijksweg 20
    • Free parking
    • Central starting point for walking, cycling and mountain bike (MTB) routes

  • Geleen: Biesenweg 1
    • Free parking
    • Start and end point of walking and cycling routes
    • Carréhoeve (square farm) with restaurant, brasserie, and winter garden.

  • Beek: De Haamen 1
    • Free parking
    • Start and end point of walking, cycling, and mountain bike (MTB) routes
    • De Pastorie visitor centre
    • Close to the De Haamen sports estate
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