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4 - 6 September 2020


During the weekend of 4-6 September 2020, the IRONMAN triathlon Multisport Festival Maastricht - Limburg will take place in Maastricht. The start and finish are in the centre of Maastricht. Various traffic and parking measures will be implemented during the event in order to ensure that things run smoothly. 


  • NightRun on Friday 4 September
    Start: 9:00 PM on Kesselskade
    Expected finishing time: 9:45 PM on Kesselskade
  • IRONKIDS competition on Saturday 5 September
    Start: From 10:00 AM at de Griend, depending on age category and distance chosen Finishing time: 1:30 PM at de Griend
  • IRONMAN 4:18:4 on Saturday 5 September
    Start: 2:00 PM at de Griend
    Expected finishing time: approx. 4:00 PM on Markt square
  • IRONMAN 5i50 on Sunday 6 September
    Start: 12:00 noon at de Griend
    Expected finishing time: 4:00 PM on Markt square

Course-related road closures

  • The course will be closed to all traffic for the duration of the triathlon. View the list of the roads closed during IRONMAN and the closure times:
  • Temporary crossings will be set for motor vehicles, cyclists, and moped users. These are clearly indicated with road signs, and traffic marshals will be on site. Please follow their instructions. Pedestrians may also cross at locations where there are no barriers and if there are no triathlon participants approaching. 
  • Please note: participants do not pass in groups. They cycle and run alone and are often separated by some distance during the swimming competition that precedes the cycling event. This will result in the street remaining closed off, even though no one has passed by for some time. The road will be re-opened once the last participant has passed. View the routes of the different parts of the competition on either the map or via the IRONMAN website.

How do I get to Maastricht?

The most active way to get here is by bicycle. You can park your bicycle in the bicycle racks or in the city's bicycle-parking facilities. There are free, guarded, and sheltered bicycle-parking facilities on Markt square, Kesselskade, and at the underground bicycle-parking facility at Maastricht’s main railway station. On 4, 5, and 6 September, you will find extra bicycle racks on Markt square, behind Maastricht city hall.

Public transport

As a result of the cycling course, several bus numbers will travel a different route and will use a temporary crossing. This means that several bus numbers will travel shorter distances or have longer travelling times.

The following bus numbers will drive an alternative route on Saturday from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM and on Sunday from 12:00 noon to 7:00 PM:

  • Bus numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 will not stop at the Boschstraat, Markt, and Wilheminabrug bus stops.
  • Bus numbers 4, 7, 10, and 48 will make use of the temporary Maagdendries bus stop.
  • Bus number 9 will follow a different route that ends at Itteren bus stop and then proceeds back to Maastricht. Please note: this bus will therefore not go to Bunde.
  • Bus number 10 will follow a different route via the N2, Noorderbrug bridge, and Boschstraat to the city centre and then continue according to the regular route. Please note: the bus will no longer stop at Willem Alexanderweg, Franciscus Romanusweg, Mosae Forum, and Boschstraat/Markt. You can get on or off the bus at the temporary Maagdendries bus stop.
  • Line 30 will follow a different route via the N2 and Meerssenerweg to Maastricht's main railway station and vice versa. Please note: the bus will not stop at the Korvetweg and Franciscus Romanusweg bus stops.

Please visit Arriva's website for more information on its bus services and timetables: www.arriva.nl/limburg.htm


Before setting off, consult our Smart Map for up-to-date information on the traffic situation.  

Save money on parking

  • You can park at P+R Maastricht Noord for free. Bus numbers 10 and 30 depart from P+R Noord to the city centre and back for only €2 per person. Costs for groups of 3 to 5: €5. Bus number 10 stops at the Maagdendries temporary stop. Bus number 30 at Maastricht's main railway station. 
  • Closer to the city centre, you can park at Park+Walk facilities Stadspark or Frontenpark car parks and on Saturdays and Sundays you can park at the Bonnefanten car park. At P+W car parks, you pay a daily rate of €6.60 (Stadspark) or €9 (Frontenpark and Bonnefanten).
  • There are multistorey car parks close to the course in the city centre. As you enter the city, you'll see signs indicating where parking spaces are still available.

Please keep in mind that routes to some parking areas may have changed. Please follow the yellow diversion signs. We recommend parking on the side of the Meuse river that you are coming from, to avoid traffic congestion on the bridges over the Meuse.

More information

Visit www.ironman.com/multisportmaastricht for more information about the IRONMAN triathlon. If you live along the course and would like more information, please visit www.gemeentemaastricht.nl/ironman. If you have a special question, you can call IRONMAN's central number on +31 (0)43 351 1806.

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