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9 April 2019

Interested in electric cars or car sharing?

Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar is known for its efforts to promote smart and sustainable mobility. This includes more effective and more environmentally friendly car use. Our website now also lists information on using electric cars and car sharing.

Electric cars are the future

Currently, over 140,000 electric cars are being driven in the Netherlands. We expect that this number will continue to grow, reaching approximately one million electric cars on Dutch roads by 2025. In order to meet our climate targets, the Netherlands wants all new cars being sold to be ‘zero emission’, meaning that they produce no CO2 emissions.

Considering an electric car?

If you are considering using an electric car and want to know more about the available model, costs, and charging methods, then Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar would gladly help you by giving you the necessary information.

Car sharing is more than just car pooling

If you only need a car every now and then, can plan your car use in advance, and want to lend your car or electric car to others for compensation, then car sharing might be something for you. Car sharing comes in many forms, meaning there are much more options than just car pooling. We're here to help you get started on this topic.

For further information, visit www.maastrichtbereikbaar.nl/auto

Elektrisch Opladen Auto
Bewust autorijden

Meer weten over bewust autorijden zoals het elektrisch rijden of het nieuwe rijden? Bekijk dan de website over autobewust rijden. 

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