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25 May 2020

Gradual easing of measures: avoid crowds

Space is available, but everyone has to use it safely. Maintain 1.5-metres distance and keep right. Follow instructions as they are given to you: follow the walking routes and switch from cycling to walking where this is requested. Avoid crowds. If you think that it will be difficult to maintain 1.5-metres distance, then do not stay for longer than necessary. This also ensures that others have plenty of space.

Stay up to date

Where possible, the Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar Programme Office will update you about measures on mobility. Navigate to News for current updates.

In addition to our messages, the websites of the Government of the Netherlands (only available in Dutch), Security Region Zuid-Limburg (only available in Dutch), and of the Municipality of Maastricht list the announced measures and what they may mean for you.

Roadworks in South Limburg will continue for the time being. Keep an eye on our reports for the latest updates about the road closures.

Landelijke campagne rijksoverheid Vermijd Drukte
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