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20 May 2019

Give your tyres some free air at P+R Maastricht Noord

By setting your tyres to the right pressure, your car is safer to drive, uses less fuel, and emits less CO2. Together with the Stichting Band op Spanning foundation, we have been offering car drivers opportunities to have their tyres checked and set to the right pressure for free, since November 2018.

Friday 24 May will be the eighth time we do this. This time, you can find the Band op Spanning team at P+R Maastricht Noord from 7:30 AM until 5:00 PM. Taking part is easy: simply place the flyer that you receive as you enter the car park in a visible spot on the dashboard of your car. When you return to your car, your tyres will have been set to the right pressure and you will find a flyer that lists the savings you will make.

Plenty of work to do

Laurens Drogendijk, the director of the national Stichting Band op Spanning foundation, came up with the idea of the smart tyre pump and especially the software and technology behind it. ‘There is plenty of work to do. There are around 8.5 million cars in the Netherlands. Research shows that 60% of those cars have under-inflated tyres. This means that the population of Netherlands jointly consumes 200 million litres of extra fuel, emitting an additional 400,000 kg of CO2 unnecessarily,' says Laurens. The local initiatives by Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar show that roughly 80% of cars have under-inflated tyres.

When changing behaviour, every move counts

Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar continues to try to change behaviour by encouraging people to use their car less and their bicycles, public transport, and P+Rs more. From now on, we are also going to focus on more effective and  environmentally friendly car use. The new Right Tyre Pressure campaign will be one of several projects with which we aim to encourage sustainable driving. Every move counts!

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