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4 February 2019

From Maastricht to Aachen in 55 minutes by train

From 27 January onwards, you can check in with your OV chipkaart (public transport pass) to board the RE18 train line, which will take you from Maastricht to Aachen in under an hour. Whether your journey to Aachen is for work or for pleasure, travelling across the border has never been easier.

Previously, you could only travel there by bus or by changing trains to reach Aachen and beyond. Now, the RE18 train line will take you directly from Maastricht to Aachen, or vice-versa, in 55 minutes. The train departs from Maastricht for Aachen once every hour. The same applies when it departs from Aachen to Maastricht.

A train every hour

Each hour, you can board the train towards Aachen at the following stations and respective times (minutes past the hour): Maastricht (XX:19), Meerssen (XX:25), Valkenburg (XX:31), Heerlen (XX:43), Landgraaf (XX:49), and Eygelshoven Markt (XX:53). You can also board a train from Aachen towards Maastricht each hour at the following railway stations and respective times: Aachen Hauptbahnhof (XX:45), Aachen-West (XX:50), and Herzogenrath (XX:00). If, after arriving in Aachen, you want to travel further into Germany, for example towards Cologne, Berlin, or Frankfurt, this direct connection will save you time and reduce your number of transfers.

Pay with your public transport pass

You will find an Arriva check-in/check-out point at Herzogenrath, Aachen West, and Aachen Hauptbahnhof stations. You can therefore check in or out at every station on this route in the normal way. An international ticket is not required for this route. When you travel across the border, you will pay the regular Arriva rate. If you only travel within Germany, for example from Aachen to Herzogenrath, then the rates of the Aachener Verkehrsverbund (AVV) apply. For more information on the rates, please visit the Arriva website: www.arriva.nl/RE18.

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