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5 November 2019

Faster by high-speed e-bike!

The high-speed e-bike is making serious ground in the Netherlands. As of 1 July 2019, over 17,000 Dutch people owned high-speed e-bikes. High-speed e-bikes are great alternatives to driving in Limburg, given that they can easily reach speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour. If your daily commute by car regularly involves traffic jams, then a high-speed e-bike may get you to work faster and contribute more to your health than your car.  

Discover the e-bike

For years, Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar has been offering people the opportunity to try an e-bike. Everyone who lives or works in South Limburg is eligible to take part in the trial. You can then use an e-bike for a week to cycle to work, do your shopping, or tour your local area. Two types of high-speed e-bikes are available to choose from, the Giant Quick E and the Sparta M9B high-speed e-bike. Both high-speed e-bikes can reach speeds of 45 kilometres per hour. Tim Brands was one of the people who took up the offer. ‘I wouldn't mind trying the high-speed e-bike for a bit longer,’ he responded after the trial week.

Safe on the road

Because of the speeds that high-speed e-bikes can reach, they are designated as mopeds by law. This means that you need a moped license, yellow license plate, and third-party insurance to drive one. A special helmet is also one of the requirements. If you reserve a high-speed e-bike via ‘Ontdek de e-bike’ (Discover the e-bike), then you will also be required to choose a helmet when you collect the bike. If you would prefer to test a regular e-bike, an e-cargo bike, or an electric cargo bike, you can choose from the range of options on www.ontdekdeebike.nl.

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