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19 June 2019

Every move counts! Give your tyres some air

This summer we are all working together to reduce CO2 emissions and to keep the city accessible. The right tyre pressure also counts! Having the correct tyre pressure means you drive more safely, emit less CO2, and save money on fuel. Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar gives drivers tips to help them drive in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Let's get started!

Together with the Band op Spanning national foundation, which promotes good tyre pressure as a way to drive economically, we have been ensuring that cars have the right tyre pressure at various locations in South Limburg since November 2018. The Band op Spanning team uses a mobile smart tyre pump to correct cars' tyre pressure for free. The team were at the MECC car park during events and at the car parks of various employers affiliated with Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar. Cars parked at P+R Maastricht Noord have also had their tyre pressure corrected several times for free. During the campaign, it appeared that more than 60% of the cars checked had low tyre pressure.

Not common knowledge

Basically, if you have the incorrect tyre pressure, it's dangerous to drive, it costs you more money in fuel, and it's bad for the environment. So, why are we still doing it? According to Laurens Drogendijk, director of the Band op Spanning national foundation, ‘It's because it's not common knowledge yet. Even if you want to start paying extra attention to your tyre pressure, it's not as easy as it sounds. You have to know the recommended tyre pressure for your car and take into account whether it's hot or cold or if you've been driving for a while when checking the pressure. This is because the pressure in warm tyres increases, which means that you have to adjust the recommended tyre pressure accordingly.’


Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar is currently in consultation with the Municipality of Maastricht about the possibility of installing a smart tyre pump at P+R Maastricht Noord.  The smart tyre pump has a large touch screen with clear instructions. You enter your number plate and are given the information specific to your car and the current tyre pressure. The touch screen tells you what is happening while pumping the tyres. It also shows a warning if you have a flat tyre or if the pump is not connected to the valve properly. You can immediately see the results and what you saved in fuel costs. By using the smart tyre pump, you only need to inflate your tyres once every three months.

Why isn't there a smart tyre pump at every petrol station? 

‘Basically, it's because petrol stations don't benefit from people driving more economically,’ explains Laurens Drogendijk. ‘Drivers have to pay for the petrol or diesel and to check their tyre pressure. That's a pity, and it's an incredibly outdated approach too. By driving in a more environmentally friendly way, we can reduce CO2 emissions and particulates in the air by decreasing the wear on tyres.’

Read more about the Band op Spanning campaign.

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