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17 December 2020

End-of-year changes to public transport timetables

Since the hard lockdown was implemented, we must stay at home as much as possible and avoid unnecessary travel. If you need to travel at this time, please remember that the Dutch transport providers NS and Arriva change their timetables every December. The new timetables entered into effect on 13 December 2020. We have listed the most important changes to the timetables in South Limburg for you.

The Arriva bus lines

The regional transport provider Arriva will implement a number of changes to its bus service, including changes to routes and departure times. A new addition to the Parkstad region is the implementation of a city-wide network that offers a clearer distinction between city and regional buses. The city buses have all been given low numbers, from bus number 1 through 9. Furthermore, eleven regional buses are in service in the Parkstad region and the neighbouring Heuvelland region. The buses have been given numbers between 36 and 56 inclusive. All school buses can now be recognized by their three-digit number, which starts with a 6. To see all the changes, please visit Arriva's website.

Arriva train services

The routes between stations Kerkrade Centrum and Sittard as well as between stations Heerlen and Maastricht Randwyck remain unchanged. The first and last trains on the Aachen-Maastricht line now have Heerlen as their first and last stops. The train in the early morning from Maastricht to Aachen no longer starts from Maastricht. Instead, it starts in Heerlen and then goes to Aachen and the times have changed as follows:

  • On weekdays, it departed from Maastricht at 5:19 AM; it now departs at 5:43 AM from Heerlen.
  • On Saturdays, it departed from Maastricht at 6:19 AM; it now departs at 6:43 AM from Heerlen.
  • On Sundays, it departed from Maastricht at 7:19 AM; it now departs at 7:43 AM from Heerlen.

Arriva's new timetable will have almost no impact on the other train services in South Limburg. To see all the changes, please visit Arriva's website. Before you start your journey, consult the Arriva travel planner or check 9292.nl for current departure times.

Changes implemented by NS

The changes to the NS's (Dutch Railways) public transport timetables do not affect train services in Limburg. If you would like to know more about the changes to the train services in other areas, please read more about the changes on the NS website.

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