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19 June 2020

Cyclists in Maastricht: Stay alert!

Pedestrians must be able to make safe use of the available space. The following rule applies in the city centre of Maastricht: ‘Cyclists must dismount and cannot park their bicycles on the street.’

Bicycle parking facilities

Use the extra bicycle racks at Mosae Forum and on Vrijthof square. There will once again be a temporary events’ bicycle rack at Mosae Forum. Extra bicycle racks have been installed on Vrijthof square, across from the Museum aan het Vrijthof/Spaans Gouvernement building and facing Grand Café de Perroen. The bicycle parking facility on Markt square reopened on 1 June. You can also park your bicycle in the Q-park bicycle-parking facility at Vrijthof square or in the underground parking facility at the main railway station. 

New cycling route on Vrijthof square

A new cycling route has been made on Vrijthof square. This cycling route does not apply on Fridays because of the Vrijthof square market. This means that cyclists must use the scooter and moped route behind Vrijthof square that runs by the Sint Servaasklooster. Follow the signage on these routes. The rest of Vrijthof square has been allocated to terraces.


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