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20 October 2020

COVID-proof outings close to your home during the autumn school holidays

The Dutch government has once again tightened the measures to stop the spread of coronavirus. If you plan on going on outings, stay in your own city or region as much as possible. Here are Visit Zuid-Limburg’s tips for safe and responsible outings during the autumn school holidays. They are all outings to indoor venues, as the weather for this week probably won't be great!

#1 – Thermenmuseum - Heerlen

Travel through time by visiting the bathhouse in Heerlen. You will see the history of this building from when it was built and the hundreds of years of changes since! This trip through time happens through the eyes of the archaeologist who is looking for answers to many questions. It really is ‘looking’ in the literal sense because thanks to the 360 degrees video footage, you will really feel as if you are standing in the bathhouse during the historical period shown. Remember to reserve the day and time slot for your visit in advance.

#2 - Valkenburgse Bokkenweken (‘Valkenburg Buck Weeks’) - Valkenburg

Throughout the month of October, Valkenburg will host a number of activities during the Valkenburg Buck Weeks. For example, an underground tour of discovery is a great activity for children: they can find the hidden secrets of the famous marl caves and try to track down the ‘Buckriders’ of MergelRijk! Remember to reserve the day and time slot for your visit in advance. 

#3 – One Thousand and One Nights – Sittard

Discover one of the most famous fairy tales in the world: One Thousand and One Nights. Free admission during the opening hours of Ligne library in Sittard. This travelling exhibition uses an interactive treasure chest to bring the stories to life, as well as offering the chance to draw on a phosphorous cloth with a torch. Experience the magic and enchantment of the stories from One Thousand and One Nights.

#4 – Filmblik Festival – Maastricht

Lumière will welcome fans of cinema during the autumn holidays with the fantastic second edition of the Filmblik Festival. Watch wonderful movies for people of all ages on the silver screen. During the Filmblik Festival, you can also participate in fun and educational workshops. Make sure to check in advance which house rules apply for each workshop!

Check the coronavirus measures before you go!

Before you visit, check the website of the location in question to see which coronavirus measures apply. Usually, a maximum number of visitors applies and you can often only reserve a visit in advance online. This also applies to people who have subscriptions as well as people who have discount vouchers. A number of locations require everyone aged 13 or older to wear a face mask.

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