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5 December 2019

Changes to public transport timetables

On 15 December, the public transport timetables will be changed. Below is information on the changes that you must take into account, so that you can be prepared for your journeys. 

Arriva regional transport

The regional transport provider Arriva will implement a number of changes to its bus service, including changes to routes and departure times. The departure times of Arriva trains remain unchanged.
Before you start your journey, consult the Arriva travel planner or check 9292.nl for current departure times.

Bus transport in the Maastricht region

  • Bus number 1 (Oud Caberg) Malberg – De Heeg: the last route of bus number 1 from Oud Caberg in the direction of De Heeg each day will continue to Maastricht main railway station and will then continue as bus number 5 in the direction of Heugem. Travellers who need to go to De Heeg can change buses at Maastricht main railway station and board bus number 2 in the direction of De Heeg.
  • Bus number 5 Daalhof – Heugem will make an extra trip from Maastricht main railway station to Heugem at 12:07 AM.
  • Bus number 10 P+R Maastricht Noord – Centrum – Gulpen will not stop between Heer and Gulpen during off-peak hours in the school holidays. Travellers going to or departing from Gulpen can board bus number 350 at bus stop Akersteenweg.
  • Bus number 48 Boschpoort – Kanne (Belgium): the arrival and departure times will change by a few minutes.
  • The regular night schedule will be discontinued for bus numbers 801 Malberg – Heugem, 802 Maastricht Centrum – Valkenburg, 803 Daalhof – Amby, 804 Wolder – Bunde, and 805 Maastricht Centrum – Aachen Centrum (Germany). 

Regional bus numbers 

  • Bus number 30 Maastricht – Sittard will no longer travel between Sittard railway station and Kemperkoul. This part of the route will be incorporated in the route of the new bus number 34.
  • Both the arrival and departure times will change by a few minutes for bus number 57 Maastricht – Gulpen.

Limburgliner Zuid-Limburg bus number 350 Maastricht – Aachen Centrum (Germany)

  • These buses will not stop at the Cadier en Keer and Kerkstraat bus stops.
  • The Lemiers, Piethaan bus stop will be renamed as Lemiers, Rijksweg/Harleserbeek.
  • In Aachen, the Reuteshag bus stop has been included in the bus route as part of a pilot scheme.
  • In Aachen, both the Arriva fare system and the German AVV fare system apply.
  • An extra late departure to Aachen will be added on Saturdays. The last departure from Maastricht toward Gulpen at 12:16 AM will then continue until Aachen.

Changes implemented by public transport company NS 

The changes to the NS's (Dutch Railways) public transport timetables do not affect trains in Limburg. If you would like to know more about the changes to the public transport timetables in regions outside Limburg, please refer to the NS's website (https://www.ns.nl/en/travel-information/new-timetable/domestic-routes.html).

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