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21 January 2019

‘Band op Spanning’ (Correct Tyre Pressure) campaigns in 2019

Keeping your car tyres at the correct tyre pressure ensures safer, cheaper, and more sustainable driving, because your tyres last longer and you use less fuel. At the end of 2018, Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar and the Stichting Band op Spanning foundation organized five campaigns during which motorists could have their tyres checked and set to the correct pressure.

The campaigns were held at P+R Maastricht Noord, the MECC, Brightlands Chemelot Campus, and Johnson Matthey. Of the 639 cars that had their tyres checked, 533 had under-inflated tyres that were inflated to the correct pressure on the spot. Furthermore, 61 motorists were told their car may have a flat tyre.

Surprising results

The participating employees were surprised by the results. Johnson Matthey’s director, Raymond van der Heijden, says, ‘Some employees were initially hesitant to participate, because they thought “why should someone be messing around with my car?”. Together with the Municipality of Maastricht, we answered any questions that employees had about the campaign which inspired the majority of them to participate. Afterwards, they were all given a card that concisely listed the advantages of keeping car tyres at the correct pressure. This led to many positive responses and caused something of a snowball-effect where employees told others of their experiences.

Continuing in 2019 with fifteen campaigns

In 2019, we will host campaigns at fifteen locations, including at employers’ premises and areas in the city such as P+R car parks. In addition to the campaigns, we have linked to a reminder template on our website that will remind you to check your tyre pressure every two months. We are also looking to see whether we can install a smart tyre pump at a number of locations. If you enter your own licence plate number at these smart pumps, you will be provided with instructions for the tyre pressure that is right for your car. It will also immediately show you how much money you have saved. Maastricht Bereikbaar is currently analysing when and where the new campaigns will be held, as well as where the best locations are to install smart tyre pumps. If you'd like to stay up to date about all the developments, be sure to visit our website, sign up for our newsletter, or keep an eye on our social media.

Campaigns for future-oriented driving

Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar continues to try and change behaviour by encouraging people to use their car less and use their bicycles, public transport, and P+Rs more. From now on, we are also going to focus on more effective and environmentally friendly car use. The new Correct Tyre Pressure campaign will be one of several projects with which we aim to encourage future-oriented driving this year. In 2019, we will introduce campaigns involving electric shared cars and car-sharing.

Check our website for more information on our new programme for 2019.

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