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10 June 2019

Accessibility on Whit Sunday

Take into account that Maastricht will be busier during the long Whit Sunday weekend and that the shops have different opening hours. Here are some travel tips to ensure that you can travel quickly and cheaply to the Maastricht city centre and avoid any congestion.

By bicycle

If you live within cycling distance of Maastricht, we recommend that you cycle into the city. Once you reach Maastricht, you can park your bicycle in one of the guarded sheltered bicycle-parking facilities on Kesselskade, in the bicycle-parking facility at Markt square, or in the underground bicycle-parking facility at the main railway station

Coming by public transport

Maastricht is easily accessible via Arriva or NS trains and via Arriva buses. Public transport ensures you can comfortably travel to Maastricht, arrive in the middle of the city centre, and avoid any trouble parking your car.

Did you know that you can visit www.arriva.nl/eticket to book a ticket in advance for several people? This means you don't need to use individual 'OV-chipkaarten' (public transport passes) to check in and out.

By car

If you choose to visit Maastricht by car, then use the following parking tips.

  • Park at P+R Maastricht Noord for free. From there, you can quickly and cheaply travel onward to the city centre (day return is €2 per person, and the group rate for 3-5 persons is €5). Your day return will also give you further discounts until the end of August: you can enjoy a €2 discount on a ‘Voordeelmenu’ (value meal) at Subway Beatrixhaven upon presentation of your P+R ticket.
  • If you want to park closer to the city centre, you can do so at the Stadspark and Frontenpark Park+Walk car parks. On Saturdays and Sundays, you can also park at the Bonnefanten car park, which is a P+W on those days. At P+W car parks, you pay a daily rate of €6.60 (Stadspark) or €9 (Frontenpark and Bonnefanten).  
  • If you would like to park in the city centre, then please park in Q-Park's multi-storey car parks. For the full overview of multi-storey car parks in Maastricht, please click on the hyperlink.
  • Our travel tip is to park on the side of the Meuse river that you are coming from to avoid traffic congestion on the Noorderbrug and John F. Kennedybrug bridges over the Meuse.

Traffic wardens

The systems providing information on parking spaces are currently experiencing errors. That is why the electronic signs with information on the number of available parking spaces in the city have been switched off. The Smart Map is also not showing the free spaces in the car parks. For this reason, we have appointed traffic wardens who will direct drivers to free parking spaces. A mobile LED sign on Hertogsingel near Vrijthof square will direct you to available parking spaces if there are no parking spaces left at Vrijthof square.

Opening hours of shops

The shops are closed on Whit Sunday and open at 12:00 noon on the Monday following Whit Sunday. 

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