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22 April 2019

Accessibility during the King's Day long weekend until 1 May

On Saturday 27 April, many of Maastricht's residents and visitors to the city will be celebrating King's Day in the city centre. We expect extra crowds because many people have taken a long weekend, as it's also International Workers’ Day on 1 May. We ask that people use bicycles or public transport to travel to the city centre if possible.

By bicycle

You can park your bicycle at the sheltered and guarded Kesselskade bicycle-parking facility, the Markt bicycle-parking facility, or the underground parking facility at the railway station where regular opening hours apply. On King's Day, there is a special event bicycle-parking facility at the aviary in the Stadspark city park and at the entrance to the Onze Lieve Vrouweplein square car park. Have a look at the overview of all bicycle-parking facilities in Maastricht to find the one that's most convenient for you.

During the Saint Servatius fair between 10 and 19 May, the special event bicycle-parking facility will be placed at Statenstraat/Keizer Karelplein square.

By train

If you're coming to celebrate King's Day in Maastricht, it's easy to travel to the city by train – or you can just as easily take the train to visit the celebrations in other parts of the country. On this special day, Dutch train operator NS runs longer and sometimes extra trains and has a special Orange timetable to bring you to your favourite King's Day party. 

Work on the railways

  • From Tuesday 23 April to Friday 26 April and from Monday 29 April to Friday 3 May, there are no daily trains between Maastricht and Liège after 9:00 PM. On these days, you can take the buses that will continue to travel their usual routes.
  • From Sunday 28 April to Sunday 5 May, work will take place at the main railway station in Heerlen and there will be no trains to, from, and via Heerlen. You can use the standard or express buses from Sittard and Valkenburg to Heerlen and Aachen.
  • Check the NS's and Arriva's websites for more information about the work on the railways.

By car

If you are travelling to the city centre by car, please be aware that we are experiencing malfunctions in the city's parking information system. The signs are switched off, and you cannot see how many parking spaces are still available in the car parks. Consult the list of all car parks in the city. 

Paid parking on King's Day

Please note that on King's Day you have to pay for parking in Maastricht. If you are travelling to the city by car, make sure that you have a valid parking ticket. It is cheaper to park on the outskirts than in the city centre. You can travel smart and cheaply by parking at P+R Maastricht Noord and taking public transport to the city centre.

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