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Fietsparkeren Helmstraat
24 October 2019
Addressing nuisance caused by bicycles parked in front of Albert Heijn supermarket (AH) on Helmstraat

Until recently, cyclists could park their bicycles in the fixed bicycle racks in front of the AH on Helmstraat. This was often a challenge as the b...

Spoorwegovergang Trein Openbaar Vervoer
25 September 2019
Railway maintenance in the South Limburg region

In September and October, maintenance work will be conducted on the railway tracks at a number of locations. People who travel by car must also tak...

Slimme Bandenpomp P+R Noord
24 September 2019
Correct car tyre pressure: are you taking the smart approach?

Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar set out to make sure that hundreds of commuters had the correct car tyre pressure in recent months. On 20 September, a smar...

Printscreen Nieuwe Online Omgeving
23 September 2019
Nieuwsbrief Maastricht Bereikbaar in een nieuw jasje

De afgelopen maanden is er achter de schermen druk gewerkt aan een nieuwe online omgeving voor Maastricht Bereikbaar.

9 September 2019
Short-stay bicycle parking spaces to replace fixed bicycle racks in Helmstraat

In the week of Monday 9 September, the fixed bicycle racks in front of Albert Heijn will be replaced with short-stay bicycle parking spaces. We wil...

Prijsuitreiking Ebt
2 September 2019
Summer campaign ‘Elke beweging telt’ (‘Every move counts’) ends with 60 prize winners

Did you spot the ‘Every move counts’ promotional team in South Limburg? Everyone was able to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by cycling, using...

Uitgifte E Bike Valkenburg
26 August 2019
New e-bikes and website for ‘Ontdek de e-bike’ (Discover the e-bike)

Maastricht Bereikbaar's test e-bikes have been replaced with an entirely new fleet consisting of 41 e-bikes. The ontdekdeebike.nl website has also ...

Fietsparkeren Helmstraat
26 August 2019
Trial of bicycle parking spaces as an alternative for parking bicycles for short periods of time

On 19 August, the Municipality of Maastricht started a trial for parking bicycles for short periods of time on Helmstraat. The fixed bicycle racks ...

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