Bespoke logistics solutions

Maastricht Bereikbaar helps companies find efficient logistic solutions. In the first instance, these solutions should be an improvement for your business and therefore also reduce the occurrence of peak hour journeys. Better utilisation of a company’s existing capacity leads to fewer vans and goods vehicles on the road and better accessibility for Maastricht. We are eager to come to visit you to challenge your current logistics processes in order to develop better working practices.

Free consultation 

  • During a free, no-obligation initial consultation we focus on the potential savings for your company and your business partners.
  • With a financial contribution of up to €8,000 we can perform an analysis and implementation of a project aimed to improve your current processes.
  • There are project terms and conditions, whereby the aim of the project is the permanent reduction of a measurable substantial total number of journeys.
  • The successful development and implementation of logistics improvements often requires cooperation between shipping agent, logistics service providers and the end recipient, hence the bespoke solutions required.
  • Are you interested? Please contact our Logistic Agent Mark Luikens

More than 5,000 journeys made daily

More than 2,500 vans and trucks make their way across the A2 and more than 2,600 travel over the Noorderbrug and Kennedybrug each day during morning peak hour. Together with the logistics sector, Maastricht Bereikbaar wants to reduce the inconvenience of delays and congestion for the more than 5,000 daily journeys being made. However, this is not what we focus on during the consultations. The logistics agent reviews the logistics process from an objective perspective, giving a fresh view on the desired business benefits such as:

  • Cost cutting
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Increased security of supply
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • CO2 reduction


To reduce the inconvenience of delays and congestion, Maastricht Bereikbaar is working together with evofenedex, TLN, ELC-Limburg, SIM, the Logistiek KennisDistributiecentrum and local, regional and national governments. Together we are committed to strengthen the supply chains in South Limburg. We achieve this using the themes of logistic efficiency, sustainability and accessibility.

Advies op maat?

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Dolmans Landscaping achieved reductions in CO2 emissions and expenses

By taking into account the competencies of employees and the distances of their commute they achieved substantial reductions.