Results achieved

  • From 2012-2014 Maastricht Bereikbaar conducted logistics analysis at 25 businesses with the aim to improve their logistical efficiency as well as to reduce the total number of journeys made by goods vehicles during peak hour. Measures taken at Sappi, Rubber Resources and Mora lead to a reduction of 36 goods vehicle journeys each day. These numbers can be improved as soon as the Maas Terminal Maastricht in Beatrixhaven is opened.
  • In 2015 there were other impressive results achieved with the pilot programme Stop & Drop.

Rubber Resources

  • Rubber Resources, a recycling company chose to import their supply of rubber via water ways and thus spared the roads during peak hour. This involves 425 containers on a yearly basis. This transition was made possible by Maastricht Bereikbaar. Bureau Voorlichting Binnenvaart conducted an inventory for Maastricht Bereikbaar which examined how the waterways could contribute to a better regional accessibility. Read the full press release or watch this video (in Dutch) about making the transition to waterways. 


  • Paper manufacturer Sappi is working together with Maastricht Bereikbaar on smart forms of transportation. By using water ways for transportation as well rail, Sappi took approximately 3,500 goods vehicles off the roads. Watch this video (in Dutch) for more information.


  • Mora employs the use of long and heavy goods vehicles for the delivery of frozen produce to their clientele. By extending the delivery times across a 24 hour period, these goods vehicles can load and re-load outside of peak hours. Mora realised a decrease of peak journeys of up to six per day. 

Binnenstadservice Maastricht

  • In 2012-2014 Maastricht Bereikbaar contributed to Binnenstadservice Maastricht (Inner City Service Maastricht) with the aim of reducing the number of urban distribution runs. Binnenstadservice takes goods deliveries for their clients (city retailers) at a location in Beatrixhaven. From there the Binnenstadservice bundles the goods and transports them using environmentally friendly vehicles to the clients in Beatrixhaven. The project Binnenstadservice enables then 51 fewer drop offs in the city centre on a daily basis. This saves 13 carrier journeys daily. In the future, if more retailers allow their goods to be delivered to Beatrixhaven, more goods carriers can bypass the city centre complete

Stop & Drop concept

  • The Stop & Drop concept provides fixed location parking for goods vehicles in the city centre. From here, the drivers deliver on foot to customers in a radius of 250m. At the Stop & Drop locations the drivers temporarily connect the refrigerated vehicles to council provided green electricity points. Drivers make use of small motorised trolleys to help deliver the refrigerated containers, so it’s no longer necessary to move the vehicle itself around the city centre.
  • The concept has lead to less disruption due to loading and unloading goods vehicles, fewer kilometres clocked, and less pollution (CO2 and noise). At the end of 2015 Sligro Food Group B.V., Nabuurs Transport, Maastricht Bereikbaar and Maastricht council tested the concept for the distribution of goods to the hospitality industry in Maastricht city centre. An important conclusion was that it is crucial to involve customers in adjusting delivery routes and delivery times to make this innovative concept a success.

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