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Getting to Maastricht city centre by public transport

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Frequently asked questions

  • Maastricht has excellent rail links. The Dutch railways (NS) operates Intercity trains toward Eindhoven, Utrecht, Amsterdam, while Arriva operates trains toward Sittard, Heerlen, Kerkrade, Aachen, and Roermond. You can also use the train service provided by the National Railway Company of Belgium to travel to Visé and Liège.

    Maastricht has 3 railway stations:

    • Maastricht Central Station

    Stationsplein 27

    6221 BT Maastricht

    • Maastricht Noord (North)


    6222 NP Maastricht

    • Maastricht Randwyck (at Maastricht UMC+)

    Joseph Bechlaan 100

    6229 GR Maastricht

  • Various operators provide rail connections from Maastricht's main railway station:

    • Dutch railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen): Intercity toward Sittard, Roermond, and the north of the Netherlands.
    • Arriva:
      • RS11 Nijmegen - Venray - Venlo – Roermond
      • RS12 Roermond - Sittard - Maastricht Randwyck
      • RS15 Sittard - Heerlen – Kerkrade Centrum
      • RS18 Stopping train Maastricht Randwyck - Valkenburg – Heerlen
      • RE18 Fasttrain Maastricht – Valkenburg – Heerlen - Aachen Hbf. (Duitsland).
    • The National Railway Company of Belgium operates a train service to Visé and Liège (Belgium).

    Please visit the operators’ websites for up-to-date information on timetables and fares.

  • Travelling from the Euregio Meuse-Rhine by train:

    • You can check in with your public transport pass (OV-chipkaart) to board the RE18 train line, which will take you from Maastricht to Aachen in under an hour. The train departs from Maastricht for Aachen once every hour. The same applies when it departs from Aachen to Maastricht.

    Travelling from the Euregio Meuse-Rhine by bus:

    • Travel from Maastricht to Aachen by bus with Arriva's bus 350. You can purchase a ticket in the bus or use your public transport pass (OV-chipkaart) to pay for the trip. 
    • Travel from Maastricht to the Belgian towns Hasselt (via Genk or directly), Tongeren, and Eisden with bus company De Lijn. You can purchase a ticket from the driver or in advance.
    • Travel from Maastricht to Liège with TEC. You can purchase a ticket from the driver.

    Arriva's ‘Euregioticket’ is a convenient way of travelling by bus or train through the Meuse-Rhine region – and it only costs €19 a day. You can purchase the ticket from the bus driver, at the machine at the station, from official Arriva or NS service points, or online. A week or weekend ticket is available. At weekends and on German, Dutch, and Belgian public holidays, the Euregio ticket is valid for up to two adults and three children aged between four and eleven.

  • Maastricht city bus

    You can catch the bus from anywhere in the region to travel quickly and easily to the city centre of Maastricht. View the map for more information. You can pay using your public transport pass (‘OV-chipkaart') or purchase your ticket directly from the driver.

    • Bus 1: (Oud Caberg) – Malberg – Centrum – Station – MUMC – De Heeg
    • Bus 2: Oud Caberg – Centrum – Station –Scharn – Heer – De Heeg
    • Bus 3: Wolder – Centrum – Station – Nazareth
    • Bus 4: Valkenburg – Scharn – Station – Centrum – Pottenberg – CabergLijn 5: Daalhof – Centrum – Station – MUMC – Heugem
    • Bus 6: Daalhof – Centrum – Station – De Geusselt – AmbyLijn 7: Forum MECC – Heer – Caberg – Pottenberg – Centrum – Heer – Forum MECC
    • Bus 8: Boschpoort – Bemelen – Valkenburg
    • Bus 9: Villapark – Centrum – Station – Limmel – Borgharen – Bunde
    • Bus 15: Centrum – Station – Heugemerveld – Eijsden

    Please visit Arriva's website for more information on its bus services and timetables.

    Maastricht regional bus

    The regional bus connections have been coordinated as effectively as possible so that you can travel to many destinations easily by public transport. You can pay using your public transport pass (‘OV-chipkaart') or purchase your ticket directly from the driver.

    • Bus 30: Sittard – Maastricht Airport – P+R Maastricht Noord - Maastricht Station
    • Bus 57: Maastricht – Mheer – Slenaken – Gulpen
    • Bus 350: Maastricht – Cadier en Keer – Gulpen – Vaals – Aachen Centrum

    Download the bus network map for Limburg or the bus network map for Heuvelland. 

  • If you switch from one public transport provider to another, you should check out with your public transport pass (OV-chipkaart) with that public transport provider and check in again with the other public transport provider for the next leg of your journey. If you switch to a foreign public service provider, you will need to have a valid ticket for that part of the trip. 

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