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Electric charging stations in Maastricht

Take a look at the map that shows all the charging stations in the city to see where you can charge your electric vehicle. Many of the Q-Park car parks also have electric charging stations, as indicated by the parking locations on the Smart Map.

Guidelines for parking and charging at electric charging stations

  • For (hybrid) electric vehicle
  • Make sure you actually connect to the charging station
  • You must have a valid parking permit or parking ticket
  • Do not use a charging station for more than 4 hours at a time so that everybody can use them
  • Cars that are not connected to the charging station may be towed away or fined. This applies to both permit holders and non-permit holders.
  • Report cars that are not connected to a charging station, but are parked in a charging space, to Enforcement (14043)
  • Charging rates vary from station to station and depend on the owner or operator of the station and the service provider from whom you purchased your charging card.
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Elektrisch Rijden Nieuwe Laadpaal
Conscientious driving

Switching to an alternative means of transport for the car is not possible for everyone. However, car drivers can ensure that they drive more economically! For more information on this topic, visit maakdebeweging.nl.

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