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Lost or found a bike?

In the centre of Maastricht you may only leave your bike in the provided sheds and racks. The municipality regularily removes abandoned bicycles and also those which are incorrectly placed. Especially in those areas that are the busiest, such as Wyck, the city centre, and the area around the main railway station. The municipality also responds to reports from residents in other parts of the city.

Incorrectly parked bicycles and mopeds in the area around the Maastricht's main railway station will be tagged with a label and taken to the municipal bicycle depot after 60 minutes, where the owners can collect them.

Visit the bike depot

If you are you missing your bike or you have found a bike please report this through the website www.verlorenofgevonden.nl (Dutch only). You can then look for your bike in the municipal bike depot on Mondays from 13.00-17.00 and Thursdays from 15.30-16.30. The bike depot is situated at Gerardusweg 39. 

Ten days after your visit to the depot you can make an official report at the website of the police www.politie.nl/aangifte. (Dutch only).

Do you have any questions on this section? Please contact +31 (0)43 14043.


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