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Looking to buy or lease a new e-bike?

People looking for a new e-bike will sometimes take a few weeks or even months to make the right choice. You can look at the available options online or visit a bicycle shop for advice or even for a test e-bike to try out. We are happy to give you a few tips. 

Always get the right information: There are different options to consider depending on how you want to use your e-bike or bicycle, such as the drive systems, gears, and range. Make sure that the bicycle specialist knows exactly what you need, so that they can help you to find the perfect e-bike or bicycle. Also take a look at the checklist on www.bovag.nl for important questions to ask the bicycle specialist.

Take the time to do a test ride: There are so many brands and models, so we recommend that you try out a few to find out which bicycle is best suited to you. Your local bicycle shop can help you make an informed decision. 

Buy your e-bike close to home: It is best to buy an e-bike from your local specialized bicycle shop. If there are problems with the e-bike or something needs to be repaired, a specialist is more likely to offer you excellent service.

Or choose a lease: If the bicycle is really expensive, a lease might be a good option to consider. This works similar to leasing a car, and the benefits are similar: 

  • no high purchase costs
  • you pay a fixed amount each month
  • maintenance, repairs, tyres, and all-risk insurance can be included in the monthly fee
  • extended warranty on the battery for the entire duration is often possible
  • breakdown assistance.

You're just not the owner of the bicycle. Bicycle leasing is offered by various bicycle shops and bicycle-leasing companies. Make sure that you are informed about the options before your visit.

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