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Bicycle-parking facilities

Free parking, sheltered parking, and events parking

Bicycle-parking facilities

Cycling is a quick, cheap, healthy, and eco-friendly way to get to all parts of the city. You can park your bicycle for free in Maastricht at Markt, Kesselskade, and Maastricht's main railway station (parking at the station is free for the first 24 hours).

There are also unguarded bicycle parking facilities in the city centre, and extra bicycle parking facilities are regularly set up during events. 

Good to know when you hop on your bicycle:

See the map on the right:

  • The areas marked blue show the locations where you are only allowed to park your bicycle in the provided racks.
  • The municipality regularly removes bicycles that have been abandoned or parked in the wrong location. You can collect your bicycle from the municipal bicycle park (Gerardusweg 39, the red dot below).
  • Cyclists are forbidden from travelling through the car-free shopping areas during the opening times of shops. You may be given a fine if you cycle in the city centre during these hours.
  • It is forbidden to cycle while holding your mobile phone. This means that you cannot have your mobile phone in your hand to make phone calls, send messages, listen to music, or navigate. Doing so may result in a fine!
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