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You can go everywhere by bicycle

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Rules on cycling

Where can you (not) cycle and park in the city centre?

Fietsenstalling Centraal Station Maastricht
Parking your bike

Where do you keep your bicycle safe and dry? Look here for all facilities.

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Bicycle sharing

From A to B by shared bike.

Road construction works

Where is the road being worked on and is it (better) to make a detour?

Frequently asked questions

  • In Maastricht city centre, you are only allowed to park your bicycle in the provided racks or in the bicycle-parking facilities. 

    You can park your bicycle for free in the guarded and sheltered Kesselskade bicycle-parking facility and in the Markt bicycle-parking facility in the city centre. Vrijthof square also has a sheltered but unguarded bicycle-parking facility. Maastricht's main railway station in Wyck has a sheltered bicycle-parking facility where you can park for free for 24 hours with your public transport pass (OV-chipkaart) or with a temporary pass. There are also plenty of unguarded bicycle-parking facilities in the city centre.

  • There are several unguarded bicycle racks where you can park your bicycle.

    Around Vrijthof square:

    • Vrijthof square/Keizer Karelplein square
    • Helmstraat (only short-term parking of no longer than one hour in the designated bicycle spaces)

    At Mosae Forum and Markt square:

    • Hoenderstraat
    • Gubbelstraat
    • Markt square
    • Wilheminabrug
    • Mariastraat

    At Onze Lieve Vrouweplein square:

    • Vissersmaas
    • Het Bat
    • Achter de Comedie
    • Onze Lieve Vrouweplein square

    In Wyck:

    • Oeverwal/Cörversplein square
    • Kattenstraat
    • Wycker Brugstraat
    • Ruiterij

    At Plein 1992:

    • Plein 1992 square
    • Hoogbrugplein square
    • Avenue Céramique

    In Sphinxkwartier:

    • Muziekgieterij
    • Loods 5
    • Pathé


    • Franciscus Romanusweg
  • You can park your moped in the guarded, underground bicycle-parking facility at Maastricht's main railway station. Parking here is free for the first 24 hours.
    There are also several places in Maastricht city centre where you can park your moped or scooter: Vrijthof square/Keizer Karelplein square, Wilheminabrug,
    Van Hasseltkade, Vissersmaas, and Het Bat.

  • You are not allowed to cycle in the pedestrian/shopping area while shops are open. You may be given a fine if you cycle in the city centre during these hours.

  • A new Dutch law prohibiting cycling and holding a mobile phone came into effect on 1 July 2019. You risk receiving a fine if you hold your mobile phone to call, send a message, navigate, or change music while cycling. During the darker days of autumn and winter and at night, you are also required to have good bicycle lighting. If you don't have working lights on your bicycle, you risk receiving a fine.

  • The municipality removes bicycle wrecks or abandoned bicycles and can also remove incorrectly parked bicycles. We especially want to address those places that experience the biggest problems: Wyck, the city centre, and the area around the railway station, while also responding to reports from residents in other parts of the city.

    Incorrectly parked bicycles and mopeds in the area around the Maastricht main railway station will be tagged with a label and taken to the municipal bicycle depot after 30 minutes where the owners can collect them. 

  • If your bicycle is gone or if you have found a bicycle, you can report it on www.verlorenofgevonden.nl and visit the municipal bicycle depot on Gerardusweg 39.
    You can report theft on www.politie.nl/aangifte up to 10 days after your visit to the depot. 

    If you have any questions, you can call the Municipality of Maastricht on 14043. 

  • Visit the bicycle depot at Gerardusweg 39. The depot is about ten minutes’ walking distance from Maastricht's main railway station.

  • The bicycle depot on Gerardusweg 39 is open on Mondays between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM and on Thursdays between 3:30 PM and 4:30 PM.

  • You can use the Arriva shared bikes and OV public transport bicycle shared bicycles. These bicycle-sharing schemes are available at every railway station. For a fee, you can use one of these bicycles to travel the last few kilometres to your destination. There are several Nextbike stations in the city centre that you can use to borrow or return a bicycle.

    At visitmaastricht.com, you can find a list of the providers where you can rent a bicycle or e-bike from as little as €10 per day.

    Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar also has a special promotional offer that allows you to try out an e-bike, electric cargo bike, or speed bike for one week for your commute if you live or work in South Limburg. Click here for more information.

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