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About Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar
  • Programme director: Louis Prompers
    Programme secretary: Agnes van Zaanen

    Mobility brokers: Rob Schaap, Bernice Reijnders, Pascale Plusquin en Rosy Meulendijks
    Communication and press contact: Désirée Florie

    Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar to see a directory of our staff members.

  • Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar is a collaborative effort by government institutions, the business community, and transport companies. Together, we work to achieve good accessibility and traffic flow in South Limburg. We also want to contribute to sustainable mobility and future-proof travel even more than before. 

    Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar stimulates structural changes to the travelling and working behaviour of commuters, tourists, and lorry drivers. That is why we organize various campaigns and offer products and services to help you travel and work smart. 

Parking in Maastricht
  • P+R Maastricht Noord is the ideal starting point for your visit to Maastricht. The premises are only two minutes’ drive away from the A2 (exit 52) and A79 (exit 1) motorways. You can park here for free and continue your travels to the centre of Maastricht economically by bus, train, or bicycle (your own or one of the shared bicycles). 

    Bus number 10 and 30

    If you're going to the Maastricht city centre for work or a day out shopping, then you can save money by travelling via P+R Maastricht Noord. Parking here is free, and Arriva's bus number 10 to the city centre and back departs every fifteen minutes for only €2,15 per person. us number 30 goes from P+R Maastricht Noord to Maastricht's main railway station. Bus numbers 10 and 30 take you to Maastricht from P+R Maastricht Noord. It’s convenient, fast, and cheap! 

    You can also buy a trainticket in the direction of Maastricht and Maastricht Randwyck at regular price (the stopping train runs two times per hour).

  • You can park your car for less at the P+W areas (Park+Walk) that are located just outside the city centre, so you can park your car within a 10 minute walking distance. There is a P+W close to the Stadspark and another one at Frontensingel. There is also a P+W at Bonnefanten which is open on weekends.

    The maximum charge per day at P+W Stadspark is € 9.
    The maximum charge per day at Frontensingel and Bonnefanten is € 10 (P+W Bonnefanten only in the weekend).

  • Click here for an overview of all the parking garages in Maastricht on Maastricht Bereikbaar’s website.

  • A number of parking garages in Maastricht accept online parking reservations. These online reservations can be made via our at the Q-Park website. Online reservations are possible at the Colonel parking garage and at the Frontensingel en Bassin parking area.

  • Large areas of Maastricht fall under paid parking zones or parking only for permit holders. These area are divided between the A-zone (city centre A1 and A2) and the B-zone (outside the ring road). Do you live in an area where the parking must be paid for, or in a permit-only zone? You may qualify for a parking permit. In the areas where there is paid parking you can pay by mobile phone or smartphone.

  • You must always pay for parking in the parking garages.
    On-street parking is in force Monday-Saturday from 08:00-18:00 (Thursdays until 21:00) and Sundays from 12:00-18:00.
    During the extended retail hours on “koopavonden” (Thursday night shopping) and “koopzondagen” (Sunday shopping) you must pay for parking in the regular on-street parking areas.
    On Sundays and public holidays on-street paid parking is enforced between 12:00-18:00, and on Thursday evenings until 21:00.

  • In the parking garages you can pay with coins, notes and your debit or credit card. Please note that not every parking garage offers you the possibility to pay by credit or debit card. In the on-street parking areas you can pay using your mobile or smartphone or coins. The ticket machines offer the choice of NL, ENG, FR and DE language options.

    Please note: it is possible that if you are using a debit or credit card from another country, it may not be accepted at the ticket machine. Please ensure you always carry coins for parking payment.

  • The areas that require a permit for parking are divided into three zones, A1, A2 (city centre) and B (the areas outside of the ring road).  Please check the areas on this map.

    For more information about the various parking permits available please go to the Maastricht Council website: https://www.gemeentemaastricht.nl/english/parking-transport/.


  • Yes, there are permits available for commuters. This permit is for people who live outside of Maastricht and work in Maastricht. With a parking permit you can park in the on-street parking areas where parking must be paid for. These areas are divided into three zones, A1, A2 and B. To see the locations of these zones go to the map with sections within the parking zones.

    Do you work in zone A1 or A2? Then you can apply for a parking permit for:

    • the parking area located under the J.F. Kennedybrug

    Do you work in one of the sections within zone B? Then you can apply to park in the sector where you work. You can apply online via the Maastricht Council website using your DigiD.

    We recommend the use of P+R Maastricht Noord as an alternative parking option. You can park there for free and continue your onward journey for just € 2 per person return via bus no.10 or 30 or by train for the regular price of a train ticket.

  • There are marked spaces for those holding disable parking permits in the various parking garages and on-street parking areas in Maastricht. Those holding disabled parking permits do not have to pay for parking in the allocated disabled parking spaces, nor on-street parking in Maastricht. This permit allows for three hours parking when displaying the blue parking disk. There are disabled parking spaces in the city's various multistorey car parks and paid parking facilities.

    Please note: this is not applicable to parking in parking garages, and those holding disabled parking permits are not allowed to park in spaces for regular parking permit holders.

  • Parking permit for students

    Do you travel to Maastricht almost every day from outside the Netherlands? Then you are eligible for a parking permit for international students. You can park your car for a reduced tariff in one of the following parking sections:

    • Brusselsepoort (excluding Sint Annalaan, Joseph Hollmanstraat and Franquinetstraat)
    • Mariaberg (excluding Hertogsingel, Sint Annalaan, Tongerseweg and Volksplein) has limited capacity
    • Villapark, Sint Pieter and Jekerdal (except Glacisweg and Luikerweg)

    You can park from Monday to Friday between 08:00-19:00 and on Thursdays until 21:00.

    View all the travel tips for students on our website.

  • You can park your car in a few places in the area such as P+R Maastricht Noord and P+R Bunde. Then it’s only a short distance by public transport with your OV-chipkaart. In addition, Maastricht University offers students the possibility to park at Maastricht Randwyck for free.

    View all the travel tips for students on our website.

About cycling in Maastricht
  • In Maastricht city centre, you are only allowed to park your bicycle in the provided racks or in the bicycle-parking facilities. 

    You can park your bicycle for free in the guarded and sheltered Kesselskade bicycle-parking facility and in the Markt bicycle-parking facility in the city centre. Vrijthof square also has a sheltered but unguarded bicycle-parking facility. Maastricht's main railway station in Wyck has a sheltered bicycle-parking facility where you can park for free for 24 hours with your public transport pass (OV-chipkaart) or with a temporary pass. There are also plenty of unguarded bicycle-parking facilities in the city centre.

  • There are several unguarded bicycle racks where you can park your bicycle.

    Around Vrijthof square:

    • Vrijthof square/Keizer Karelplein square
    • Helmstraat (only short-term parking of no longer than one hour in the designated bicycle spaces)

    At Mosae Forum and Markt square:

    • Hoenderstraat
    • Gubbelstraat
    • Markt square
    • Wilheminabrug
    • Mariastraat

    At Onze Lieve Vrouweplein square:

    • Vissersmaas
    • Het Bat
    • Achter de Comedie
    • Onze Lieve Vrouweplein square

    In Wyck:

    • Oeverwal/Cörversplein square
    • Kattenstraat
    • Wycker Brugstraat
    • Ruiterij

    At Plein 1992:

    • Plein 1992 square
    • Hoogbrugplein square
    • Avenue Céramique

    In Sphinxkwartier:

    • Muziekgieterij
    • Loods 5
    • Pathé


    • Franciscus Romanusweg
  • You can park your moped in the guarded, underground bicycle-parking facility at Maastricht's main railway station. Parking here is free for the first 24 hours.
    There are also several places in Maastricht city centre where you can park your moped or scooter: Vrijthof square/Keizer Karelplein square, Wilheminabrug,
    Van Hasseltkade, Vissersmaas, and Het Bat.

  • You are not allowed to cycle in the pedestrian/shopping area while shops are open. You may be given a fine if you cycle in the city centre during these hours.

  • A new Dutch law prohibiting cycling and holding a mobile phone came into effect on 1 July 2019. You risk receiving a fine if you hold your mobile phone to call, send a message, navigate, or change music while cycling. During the darker days of autumn and winter and at night, you are also required to have good bicycle lighting. If you don't have working lights on your bicycle, you risk receiving a fine.

  • The municipality removes bicycle wrecks or abandoned bicycles and can also remove incorrectly parked bicycles. We especially want to address those places that experience the biggest problems: Wyck, the city centre, and the area around the railway station, while also responding to reports from residents in other parts of the city.

    Incorrectly parked bicycles and mopeds in the area around the Maastricht main railway station will be tagged with a label and taken to the municipal bicycle depot after 30 minutes where the owners can collect them. 

  • If your bicycle is gone or if you have found a bicycle, you can report it on www.verlorenofgevonden.nl and visit the municipal bicycle depot on Gerardusweg 39.
    You can report theft on www.politie.nl/aangifte up to 10 days after your visit to the depot. 

    If you have any questions, you can call the Municipality of Maastricht on 14043. 

  • Visit the bicycle depot at Gerardusweg 39. The depot is about ten minutes’ walking distance from Maastricht's main railway station.

  • The bicycle depot on Gerardusweg 39 is open on Mondays between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM and on Thursdays between 3:30 PM and 4:30 PM.

  • You can use the Arriva shared bikes and OV public transport bicycle shared bicycles. These bicycle-sharing schemes are available at every railway station. For a fee, you can use one of these bicycles to travel the last few kilometres to your destination. There are several Nextbike stations in the city centre that you can use to borrow or return a bicycle.

    At visitmaastricht.com, you can find a list of the providers where you can rent a bicycle or e-bike from as little as €10 per day.

    Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar also has a special promotional offer that allows you to try out an e-bike, electric cargo bike, or speed bike for one week for your commute if you live or work in South Limburg. Click here for more information.

About public transport in Maastricht
  • Maastricht has excellent rail links. The Dutch railways (NS) operates Intercity trains toward Eindhoven, Utrecht, Amsterdam, while Arriva operates trains toward Sittard, Heerlen, Kerkrade, Aachen, and Roermond. You can also use the train service provided by the National Railway Company of Belgium to travel to Visé and Liège.

    Maastricht has 3 railway stations:

    • Maastricht Central Station

    Stationsplein 27

    6221 BT Maastricht

    • Maastricht Noord (North)


    6222 NP Maastricht

    • Maastricht Randwyck (at Maastricht UMC+)

    Joseph Bechlaan 100

    6229 GR Maastricht

  • Various operators provide rail connections from Maastricht's main railway station:

    • Dutch railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen): Intercity toward Sittard, Roermond, and the north of the Netherlands.
    • Arriva:
      • RS11 Nijmegen - Venray - Venlo – Roermond
      • RS12 Roermond - Sittard - Maastricht Randwyck
      • RS15 Sittard - Heerlen – Kerkrade Centrum
      • RS18 Stopping train Maastricht Randwyck - Valkenburg – Heerlen
      • RE18 Fasttrain Maastricht – Valkenburg – Heerlen - Aachen Hbf. (Duitsland).
    • The National Railway Company of Belgium operates a train service to Visé and Liège (Belgium).

    Please visit the operators’ websites for up-to-date information on timetables and fares.

  • If you switch from one public transport provider to another, you should check out with your public transport pass (OV-chipkaart) with that public transport provider and check in again with the other public transport provider for the next leg of your journey. If you switch to a foreign public service provider, you will need to have a valid ticket for that part of the trip. 

  • Travelling from the Euregio Meuse-Rhine by train:

    • You can check in with your public transport pass (OV-chipkaart) to board the RE18 train line, which will take you from Maastricht to Aachen in under an hour. The train departs from Maastricht for Aachen once every hour. The same applies when it departs from Aachen to Maastricht.

    Travelling from the Euregio Meuse-Rhine by bus:

    • Travel from Maastricht to Aachen by bus with Arriva's bus 350. You can purchase a ticket in the bus or use your public transport pass (OV-chipkaart) to pay for the trip. 
    • Travel from Maastricht to the Belgian towns Hasselt (via Genk or directly), Tongeren, and Eisden with bus company De Lijn. You can purchase a ticket from the driver or in advance.
    • Travel from Maastricht to Liège with TEC. You can purchase a ticket from the driver.

    Arriva's ‘Euregioticket’ is a convenient way of travelling by bus or train through the Meuse-Rhine region – and it only costs €19 a day. You can purchase the ticket from the bus driver, at the machine at the station, from official Arriva or NS service points, or online. A week or weekend ticket is available. At weekends and on German, Dutch, and Belgian public holidays, the Euregio ticket is valid for up to two adults and three children aged between four and eleven.

  • Maastricht city bus

    You can catch the bus from anywhere in the region to travel quickly and easily to the city centre of Maastricht. View the map for more information. You can pay using your public transport pass (‘OV-chipkaart') or purchase your ticket directly from the driver.

    • Bus 1: (Oud Caberg) – Malberg – Centrum – Station – MUMC – De Heeg
    • Bus 2: Oud Caberg – Centrum – Station –Scharn – Heer – De Heeg
    • Bus 3: Wolder – Centrum – Station – Nazareth
    • Bus 4: Valkenburg – Scharn – Station – Centrum – Pottenberg – CabergLijn 5: Daalhof – Centrum – Station – MUMC – Heugem
    • Bus 6: Daalhof – Centrum – Station – De Geusselt – AmbyLijn 7: Forum MECC – Heer – Caberg – Pottenberg – Centrum – Heer – Forum MECC
    • Bus 8: Boschpoort – Bemelen – Valkenburg
    • Bus 9: Villapark – Centrum – Station – Limmel – Borgharen – Bunde
    • Bus 15: Centrum – Station – Heugemerveld – Eijsden

    Please visit Arriva's website for more information on its bus services and timetables.

    Maastricht regional bus

    The regional bus connections have been coordinated as effectively as possible so that you can travel to many destinations easily by public transport. You can pay using your public transport pass (‘OV-chipkaart') or purchase your ticket directly from the driver.

    • Bus 30: Sittard – Maastricht Airport – P+R Maastricht Noord - Maastricht Station
    • Bus 57: Maastricht – Mheer – Slenaken – Gulpen
    • Bus 350: Maastricht – Cadier en Keer – Gulpen – Vaals – Aachen Centrum

    Download the bus network map for Limburg or the bus network map for Heuvelland. 

  • P+R Maastricht Noord

    P+R Maastricht Noord is the ideal starting point for your visit to Maastricht. The premises are only two minutes’ drive away from the A2 (exit 52) and A79 (exit 1) motorways. You can park here for free and continue your travels to the centre of Maastricht economically by bus, train, or bicycle (your own or one of the shared bicycles). 

    Low-cost onward travel by bus

    Arriva's bus number 10 to the city centre and back departs every fifteen minutes for only €2,15 per person. Bus 10 runs four times an hour to the city centre, and bus 30 takes you once every half hour to Maastricht's main railway station. A group ticket costs €5,40 for three passengers. If you travel more often with P+R Maastricht Noord, then consider taking out a monthly season ticket for €27,05. This grants you unlimited travel seven days a week. 

    You can also choose to buy a train ticket (at the regular fare) at the Arriva ticket machine to travel on the stopping train (two services an hour) from P+R Maastricht Noord to Maastricht's main railway station or Randwyck station.



  • National/International buses 

    • Direct bus to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Passengers with a ticket for an Air France/KLM connecting flight can take the bus to and from Schiphol free of charge. To do so, you can apply for a free boarding pass online or via your travel agent at least 24 hours prior to departure. For more information, please visit www.klm.nl/klmbus.
    • International connections with IC, Eurolines, and Flixbus to various locations in Europe.
About Discover the e-bike
  • Everyone who lives or works in South Limburg can take part in ‘Ontdek de e-bike’ (discover the e-bike) for free. We have 40 e-bikes with several speed bikes and one electric cargo bike. We also have a limited number of folding bicycles (not electric). The trial week lasts one week (unless otherwise indicated), from Thursday to Thursday.

    Bicycles are often available on location at our affiliated partners, so that employees can start their trial week at work.

  • To reserve an e-bike, you need an account on the website of ‘Ontdek de e-bike’ (discover the e-bike) and will have to download the corresponding app. Once you have created an account, you can log in to the app, see which bicycles are available, and make the reservation. In the app you agree to the general loan conditions for the bicycle. Then you'll receive an automated e-mail confirming your reservation and the date and time to pick up and return the bicycle.

  • We try to encourage everyone to use the app. All your information is stored in one place, so you have everything at hand when picking up and returning the bicycle. You don't need to print anything, as you can show the digital version of the loan agreement.
    If you don't have a smartphone, you can log in via the website and make a reservation or contact the Cycle Center who will help you to make a reservation. 

  • The central distribution point is located in Valkenburg on De Leeuwhof 21.

    We also have regular special offers in which we visit locations in South Limburg to distribute the e-bikes. All current special offers of Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar for residents and commuters can be seen on the website of maakdebeweging.nl.

    • November to April: from Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    • May to October: from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM 

    Go to the website of ‘Ontdek de e-bike’ (discover the e-bike) to see all the opening hours. 

  • The bicycles are often already standing ready at your work, and your employer can give you more information and give you the option to reserve a bicycle. If you'd rather choose a more suitable moment to try out a speed bike or e-bike, please use the Central Distribution Point.

  • Participation is completely free of charge.

  • Participation is completely free of charge, but we ask that you complete a questionnaire about your experience of the trial week. We use this feedback to improve our product. For other terms and conditions, we advise you to read the loan conditions and product conditions carefully. You can find these in the app and on the website https://ontdekdeebike.nl/en/terms-and-conditions.html

  • The e-bike is insured against damage and theft. In case of damage, the excess is €35. In the event of deliberate damage, the insurance will not take effect and all costs are for the person who caused the damage. You can find more information about this on the website of ‘Ontdek de e-bike’ (discover the e-bike) and in the loan conditions.

Picking up and returning the e-bike
  • When you make a reservation, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the date and time for collecting the e-bike. Collection times for the e-bike are always on a Thursday after 3:00 PM. Click here to see the opening hours of the Cycle Center

  • The trial period always runs from Thursday to Thursday. The e-bike will be ready for you to collect on Thursday after 3:00 PM. You cannot collect your e-bike earlier, as the e-bikes are out for use until 3:00 PM. Collection at a later time is only possible in exceptional cases in consultation with Cycle Center. However, this means that your trial period is less than a week. 

  • You don't need to bring anything except your ID card or a copy thereof and the confirmation of the reservation in the app. Show the accepted loan agreement on the app and the Cycle Center will take care of the rest. If you don't have a smartphone, you can print the completed loan agreement. 

  • You will receive an e-mail when the trial period expires. You have to return the e-bike before Thursday 11:00 AM. 

  • No, this is not possible. The trial period always runs from Thursday to Thursday. The e-bike has to be ready that afternoon, as a new trial period starts on the day that you return the e-bike.
    You can return the e-bike earlier, but this means that your trial period lasts less than a week. 

    The opening hours of Cycle Center are listed on the website. 

  • In the unlikely event that something happens that causes damage to the bicycle, take a picture and make a report via the app. If the damage is so extensive that you are no longer able to cycle or that it might lead to bigger problems, please contact our customer service as soon as possible. They will help you quickly and efficiently.

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