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18 January 2016

Wiel Mulders participated in the Discover the e-bike offer

"Commuting by e-bike takes me half an hour, I take my coat off and can start working immediately"

Wiel Mulders, who works at Zuyderland (Atrium Medical Centre) participated in the Discover the e-bike offer. He talks here about his experiences. 

“In late November, early December I trialled an e-bike through Maastricht Bereikbaar. As well as making a few other journeys, I commuted to my work in Heerlen by e-bike. I live in the middle of the Heuvelland, so I cycle a beautiful 14 kilometres to work, just half an hour by e-bike. One day I cycled a total of 60 kilometres, from home to my work in Heerlen, then on to Maastricht and from there back home. It is great that you can try out the e-bike for a whole week. Then you have the opportunity to use the e-bike more than just once. 

Before I started out, I thought; an e-bike is only for people who can’t use a normal bicycle. But that idea has changed completely. If I cycle to work by e-bike, I just take off my coat and I can start working immediately. Today I commuted by bicycle, that’s much more intense. It takes me about an hour door-to-door, including showering and changing at work. All that extra effort makes the idea of using the car much more appealing.

I used to be a dedicated car commuter, there was always an excuse to commute by car instead of bicycle. I have cycled to work about once a week since September, and that suits me just fine. It feels good to be outside in the wind, you use your travel time to do something active and it’s also better for the environment. I am now most definitely convinced about the advantages of the e-bike. Chances are quite high that I’ll buy one for myself. I still want to check out all the different types of e-bikes.”