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18 February 2019

Ton Wanders moves up a gear

"Don't lock yourself up in the car; take your bicycle!"

‘I cycle from my home in Margraten to my work in Maastricht five days a week on my e-bike, and I wouldn't have it any other way. The bicycle gives you the chance to experience and feel the landscape around you. Don't lock yourself up in the car; take your bicycle!’ 

Taking the long way around for fun

‘When you cycle, you really experience the seasons. When I cycle from the plateau of Margraten down towards the river valley of the Meuse, I can feel how the climate is changing. I consider myself lucky to cycle to work through such a beautiful landscape. I challenge myself to always try a different route to keep cycling interesting, so I like to take the long way around! I'll only take the car or the bus if I have a business meeting somewhere else.’

An eye for nature

‘I love nature and really enjoy seeing beautiful landscapes. The landscape shows me all its wonderful facets when I go on my daily cycling route. I see hares, deer, cranes, wild pigs, buzzards, northern lapwings, and sometimes even a skylark. If you have an eye for it, you can see it all.’ 

Free use of an e-bike for every employee

‘I have been using an electric bicycle for two years. It's a lot more practical, as it allows me to arrive at work feeling fresh and without breaking a sweat. The cycling scheme offered by my work meant I could seriously consider purchasing an e-bike, and it stimulates employees to start using a bicycle with a positive motivation. I think that every employer should give their employees a free e-bike’