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5 November 2018

Saskia Eggen moves up a gear

"I can't think of any reasons not to cycle!"

‘I make an effort to cycle every day, as it's environmentally friendly and keeps me active. Only if the weather is really bad or it's stormy outside will I take the car or public transport. But that is only on rare occasions. In the Netherlands, you can cycle to work almost every day of the year.’

An absolute must

‘I love cycling the route that runs behind the village of Rothem and the Amby district along Oliebergweg and Oude Molenweg. This route is an absolute must if you enjoy cycling. It takes you along the edge of the city right through nature. It's incredibly beautiful, especially when I get to see the sun rise in the morning.’ 


‘I automatically started using the car as standard in recent years because of my busy family life but decided to get back on the bicycle this year. I got an e-bike, but you still have to put in some effort and cycle. The fifteen kilometres from home to work are a breeze on the e-bike, and it has now become an automatism to cycle to work. So I'm keeping up the habit day after day and week after week.’ 


‘I also feel much fitter when I cycle while also saving money on petrol and contributing to a cleaner environment. Cycling also gives me a sense of freedom with the wind blowing in your hair, enjoying the beautiful views, and you also travel much further than when you go for a walk. I actually can't think of any reasons not to cycle!’

Cycling partner?

‘My colleague Elske Heeren has been cycling from Schimmert to the Maastricht Medical Center + (MUMC+) in Randwyck for much longer than I have. So, if Elske and I can do it, you can too! Your work might have a good cycling scheme that you can use, and if the distance allows for it, I'd say: just do it!’