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9 May 2016

Roel Bongaerts tells us about the e-bike

"I can commute freely between my various work locations by e-bike"

Roel Bongaerts talks to us about his experiences using the e-bike for his commute.

"I commute by bicycle as often as possible. I have had an e-bike for the last 4.5 years which I purchased through Maastricht Bereikbaar. However, even before that I was an avid cyclist. The distance from home to my work at the council is 6km, and the distance to the A2 project agency is 9km. In total I cycle a good 12-18km per day. For me, cycling is the easiest way to get to my workplaces. In addition, it’s a healthy way to travel, it’s my daily workout.

The biggest advantage is that I can commute freely from A to B. When you drive into town you’re always wasting time looking for a place to park. With a bicycle you don’t have to worry about that. I work at three different locations. When I am consulting on the Noorderbrug project I work out of the council chambers, when I team up with the A2 project agency it happens at Geusselt and I also work regularly in the Belvédère visitors centre on Boschstraat. Travelling by bicycle between these locations is the most convenient way to get around. It’s great to grab some fresh air after a long meeting, clear my head and prepare myself for the next challenge.

It is also incredibly important to get some exercise. When you commute by bicycle or e-bike, you get your daily dose of sporting activities without even noticing it.”