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12 March 2020

Rob Smeets on the smart tyre pump

"More people should use this tyre pump!"

Rob Smeets parks at P+R Noord on the days he works for the Municipality of Maastricht. As he’s eager to do his bit for the environment, he used the smart tyre pump. ‘My tyres weren’t as well inflated as I thought. Thankfully, the pump was easy to use, and I’ll be back again in two months. It only takes five minutes to save a whole load of CO2 emissions!’

A truly smart tyre pump

P+R Noord Maastricht installed its smart tyre pump on 20 September 2019 to help people check their tyre pressure. After you’ve entered the details on your number plate, the pump will tell you what tyre pressure you need. If you already know what pressure you need, simply enter the values using the touchscreen. The pump then takes you through some easy-to-follow steps. ‘It tells you exactly what you have to do,’ says Rob. ‘I was positively surprised. You expect to find one of those air compressors at the petrol station, but this one is a lot smarter. It explains everything so clearly and tells you right away what you’ll save in terms of fuel and CO2 emissions.’

Doing his bit

Working at the Municipality of Maastricht, Rob notices the efforts the city is making to become more sustainable, such as introducing electric buses or building the P+R site. And so Rob himself is trying to become more eco-friendly. ‘I think the climate is important enough to put my energy and time into more travelling more sustainably. I’m also prepared to pay a little more for more sustainable options. But the smart tyre pump takes away that extra effort. Whether you’re technically literate or not, this pump means anyone can make sure their tyres are at the right pressure!’

Check your tyre pressure every two months!

If you want to use the smart tyre pump to check your tyre pressure, P+R Maastricht Noord (near Beatrixhaven) has one that allows you to inflate your tyres to the correct pressure – free of charge, any time of day or night. Alongside inflating your tyres, the smart pump shows what you save on fuel, tyre wear, and CO2 emissions with the correct tyre pressure. This makes it even easier to inflate your tyres every two months.