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14 March 2017

Pia Muitjens on her e-bike

"It's ideal, even for young people!"

Pia Muitjens works at Zuyderland in Heerlen and took part in the ‘Ontdek de e-bike’ (‘Discover the e-bike’) campaign. She speaks about her experience.

‘I decided to take part in the “Ontdek de e-bike” campaign because of a change to Zuyderland's parking policy. We now receive compensation if we cancel our subscription for the car park. This was my first time on an e-bike. I really enjoyed the trial week, having received clear instructions on how to use the e-bike when I picked it up. I'm only 1.68 metres tall, but I saw there was a suitable model for shorter people, made by the manufacturer Giant, so I chose that one. 

I used my e-bike throughout the trial week and the weekend, cycling around 60 kilometres in total. I feel safer on the e-bike. On my commute, I cycle between Voerendaal and Heerlen across a residential road, but after 6 PM there's not a soul on the road. The e-bike means I just whizz by. The great thing about commuting by e-bike is that you arrive at home feeling refreshed. Cycling around is a chance to relax; you don't get that opportunity when you drive.

At the end of the trial week, we received extensive information on purchasing an e-bike. I quickly decided to buy myself one. Having received a tip from my neighbour, I chose a different type of e-bike from the one during the trial week. I then had to decide whether I wanted a basket, but eventually went for the sports version. After all, those baskets can be quite heavy if you don't use pedal assistance, as in my case. My bicycle bag usually has a waterproof coat and waterproof shoes for wet conditions, and I wear thermal leggings when it's cold. I even went to work twice when it was -7°C!

I used to think I was too young for an e-bike, as I'm not even close to 50. But it's a great thing, and I encourage everyone to give it a try! We took part in the bicycle ride through the tunnel during the Tunnel Weekend in October 2016. I was surprised at how many young people have an e-bike!’