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18 September 2018

Patrick Ummels on ‘Ontdek de e-bike’

"Not faster, but more fun than travelling by car"

Patrick Ummels works at MECC Maastricht and shares his experience of the e-bike.

‘I live in Bilzen in Belgium, so I can't take the normal bicycle to work. As soon as you leave Bilzen city centre, you have to cycle up some pretty steep hills before you arrive at a flatter part just before you reach Maastricht. The e-bike offers that powerful support that you need for those first climbs and I can cycle the rest of the way myself. The e-bike switches automatically when electric support is needed.

It now only takes me 40 minutes to cycle the 16 kilometres to work. If I take the car, it takes about 30 minutes if it's not too busy in the city. I really don't mind having to cycle these extra ten minutes, as it often takes ages to get from one side of Maastricht to the other by car. With the bicycle, this part of the trip becomes the best bit, as I can just zoom past the traffic lights and traffic circles where I would usually have to wait with the car.

Cycling also offers another advantage, as it gives you the time to clear your head as you return home from work. The fresh air really works wonders and is a much-needed moment to just switch off after a busy day at work. The week that I tried the e-bike, I felt energized. It also means you don't arrive at work all sweaty in the morning.’