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26 November 2019

Marlou Rietrae about Band op Spanning at work

"The Right Tyre Pressure campaign was very useful to me that day."

Participating in the Band op Spanning ('Right Tyre Pressure') team's campaigns ensures safer driving afterwards. That certainly applied to Marlou Rietrae, a management advisor. Her employer, the Zuyderland Medical Center, has joined the Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar programme. On 29 October, Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar and the Right Tyre Pressure team organized a campaign at her workplace. Everybody who commuted to work by car could have their tyre pressure checked, free of charge. 

Screw in the tyre

Marlou also commuted to work by car that day and when she was about to head home, she noticed that one of her car tyres had deflated. ‘The Right Tyre Pressure campaign was very useful to me that day. They topped up my tyre with air to make sure that I could make it home safely and have the problem solved at the garage. It turned out that a screw in the tyre was to blame for it deflating.’

Tyre pressure check

Cars sold in the European Union after 2014 all come equipped with a system that monitors tyre pressure. Marlou’s car indicated that the tyre pressure was not correct. ‘In this regard, I am entirely reliant on technology. This means that the car informs me when I need to correct the tyre pressure. When I do that, it means I will drive more safely and more sustainably. That is in everyone's interests.’ 

Right Tyre Pressure sorely needed in South Limburg

With the correct tyre pressure you drive more safely, emit less CO2, and save money on fuel and tyres. Safe driving is also an important point of attention for many companies.

In 2019, the Right Tyre Pressure team – in cooperation with Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar – hosted campaigns at seven employers in Zuid-Limburg. A total of 1,219 cars were checked, saving 4,254 litres of petrol and reducing CO2 emissions by 16,255 kg!

Our employer approach

If you are an employer or manager and want to get your company started on implementing sustainable mobility, then Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar can tailor an approach to your current company goals if you visit: www.zuidlimburgbereikbaar.nl/en/approach/employer-approach/