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14 June 2015

Marjolein Gravendeel about travelling by public transport

"Travelling by train is just like having your own chauffeur. It’s so relaxing!"

I’ve been working at the Obstetrics Academy at Hogeschool Zuyd since April 2011, and there are quite a few of us who commute via train from Eindhoven to Maastricht. It is wonderful. I simply get on the train at Eindhoven, and get off at Maastricht, I don’t have to change trains, I don’t have to worry about a thing. When I work during my commute, it contributes to my weekly working hours. I can review students submissions or meet with colleagues all from the comfort of my carriage seat.

I saw the posters for “Samen Slim Reizen” (Travel Smart Together) by Maastricht Bereikbaar at my work. I thought: I want to do that. Luckily there were other colleagues who wanted to participate as well. The whole team travels by train, and many of my colleagues were already travelling by public transport or by bicycle. 

We’re also participating in the spring offer. Our goal is to donate our reward points to charity: we want to contribute toweards education for midwives in Africa. We’ve still got to decide which organisation we would like the reward to go to. The organisations help those women already assisting in births to be better equipped to do their jobs. Our whole team is working towards this goal. We could have chosen a team outing for ourselves, however we’d much rather give three midwives the help in a place where it’s most needed!

I prefer to travel by train, however I do have to use the car for particular appointments in varying locations. It’s such a difference, I’ve then got to leave before 07:00 to get to Maastricht in time, otherwise it takes too long because of the traffic. Unfortunately commuting by train is still quite expensive. We receive compensation from Hogeschool Zuyd, and that makes it more achievable. And of course you do get a lot in return. I can work, read or just look out the window and ponder. It’s so relaxing. I’m not stuck in traffic and I’m not the one driving. It’s just like having your own chauffeur. I arrive relaxed at work and back at home. There’s rarely any delays. It’s just ideal.