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16 April 2014

Marit Veenstra on the E-bike

"The return journey was heavy going. But a piece of cake with the E-bike"

I just never thought about it. I live around 12.5 kilometres from my work, and always commuted by car. We had two at home – ideal. When I did go by bike, the return journey was really heavy going. Tired after a day’s work, and then having to pedal homewards. The E-bike solved all of that. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. Just when I was thinking: if I don’t get my act together now, I never will. My fiftieth birthday was approaching and I sat all day at work in front of my PC .

Now? I’m wildly enthusiastic. I love it, I feel great, and I’m outdoors. No need to sweat in the gym. I am so happy with my E-bike. My friends at work know what a great fan I am. If I haven’t convinced them by now, then they’re a lost cause. The older employees – and we’ve got a lot of them here – would benefit from a bit of exercise.

Time wasn’t an issue in my decision to get an E-bike. The journey takes longer than before. Money wasn’t an issue either, although I do save on petrol costs. And, with the Burn Fat, Not Fuel programme you do get a return on your investment. Cycling was more of a practical decision – part of a healthier lifestyle. These campaigns to get people out of their cars are good for everyone!