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23 April 2018

Mariëlle Wijsen on ‘Ontdek de e-bike’

"I've already clocked up 8,000 kilometres!"

‘As the daughter of parents who ran a transport company, I was a “queen of the road” – the slogan on all Scania trucks for many years – from an early age. I still like to be on the road, and the last few years I've been cycling more and more. Five years ago, I started cycling because there were very few parking spaces at my work in Maastricht. I work for Maastricht UMC+’s rehabilitation services, in the middle of the city centre. So I put my folding bike in the car, park in Heer, and cycle the last five kilometres. That setup suited me nicely, but then I saw Maastricht Bereikbaar's free, three-week trial to commute by e-bike. I really enjoyed the trial and was totally sold on the idea at the end! 

It's fantastic to enjoy the fresh air and exercise every day. After buying my own ‘motorized bicycle,’ I've been cycling between Gulpen and Maastricht for two years now (but not when it's slippery or raining heavily). Nothing beats starting the day to birdsong and the sunrise, and sometimes chatting with other cyclists on the way. Often, a creative solution can bring you the most joy – that joy's been going strong for 8,000 kilometres. I'm a happy queen of the road!’