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2 June 2015

Kitty Rood about her electric family cargo bike

"It’s lovely to to feel the fresh air on my face after a day’s work or school, I recommend it to everyone!"

I was already cycling twice a week to work by e-bike, on the days that I didn’t have to drop off or pick up my three children at school. On the other days I would be sitting in my car, caught at traffic lights, stressed that I wouldn’t get to the school on time. I thought to myself: there’s got to be another way. Then I had the bright idea to purchase an electric family cargo bike (three wheeled bicycle with a front compartment for carrying just about anything but mostly our beloved small children).

From my house in Belgium it’s about 13 kilometers by bicycle to my work at the azM in Maastricht. En route, about three kilometers from home, I drop the children at school and I continue on on my own. On the way back, I pick them up from school with the electric family cargo bike. It definitely reduces stress levels to go by bicyle. I don’t wait as long at traffic lights, and with the motored support I can easily maintain about 20km/hr – great when you’ve got to navigate the heuvelland (hills) – and it’s great for the kids too, they get a lovely dose of fresh air after a hard day at school. I usually take the scenic route in the mornings, just divine, it’s almost as if you’re “in ’t niet” (in the middle of nowhere).

Myself and my colleagues are just fanatical about the Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar offers and campaigns. The bakfiets was definitely an investment, however I reap the rewards in a most enjoyable way. We’re earning points towards a dinner voucher with the spring offer. It’s great to take part and in this way we’re also working on our teambuilding.

It’s just super, an electric family cargo bike. I would definitely encourage other people experience it. Some people think that it’s difficult to cycle (heavy mostly), but that’s just not true! It’s also wonderful for the children, they sing as I cycle, have a snack and a drink, and of course their friends want to join in on the fun!”